In this interview, Dr. Jackson Katz reflects on his career and how he has become one of the most prominent activists, speakers, and writers about media's place in defining boyhood, manhood, and masculinities. In addition to telling the story of his career going back to the 1980s and 1990s, Katz provides insights on many important topics: constructions of masculinity; the relationship between media, advertising, and violence; media's role in socializing boys into men; empathy; the need for men to stand up and prevent violence and sexism when they see it; his Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Program; Gillette's "We Believe" ad campaign; the Super Bowl; recommended readings on masculinities; and advice on how people can make lasting change every day among their spheres of influence. Throughout the interview, Katz calls for more media literacy and a society that expands its narrow understandings of gender and other identity formations. He encourages empathy, equality, and inclusivity for all, which must come from a change in society and culture through better advertising and media representations as well as important conversations that should be had among family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and members of the general public.

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