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  • Index of Articles and Reviews in Volume 31
Paul Bowles and Fiona MacPhail
Contesting natural resource development in Canada: the legacies and limits of the staples approach 167
Calum Gardner
'I have heard of the end of writing': Kristjana Gunnars and Roland Barthes 'J'ai entendu parler de la fin de l'écriture': Kristjana Gunnars et Roland Barthes 63
Cody Groat
Commemoration and reconciliation: the Mohawk Institute as a World Heritage Site 195
Christina Keppie
Celebrating Acadian milestones in 2004 133
Zhen Liu
Asian Canadian communal literary enterprise
Société littéraire collective des Canadiens d'origine asiatique 81
Jatinder Mann
Introduction 129
Nick Milne
Humour in hell: Stephen Leacock's First World War writings, 1915–1919 Humour en enfer: les ouvrages de la première guerre mondiale de Stephen Leacock, 1915–1919 43
Linda Revie
A quest for her own folk: Joan Clark's An Audience of Chairs
A la recherche de son proper peuple: An Audience of Chairsde Joan Clark 23
Mathias Rodorff
Great Britain and the Nova Scotian Confederate and Repeal movements, 1864–9 151
Mei-Chuen Wang
Landscape and history in Jane Urquhart's Away 181
Carl Watts
Affiliation and antimodernism in Margaret Laurence's African writings
Affiliation et anti-modernisme dans les écrits africains de Margaret Laurence 1
Darren Zanussi
Avoiding innocence: unsettling white guilt 209
Benjamin Authers, A Culture of Rights: Law, Literature, and Canada (Jatinder Mann) 116
Constance Backhouse, Petticoats and Prejudice: Women and Law in Nineteenth-Century Canada (Charlotte Skeet) 108
Clark Banack, God's Province: Evangelical Christianity, Political Thought, and Conservatism in Alberta (Mathias Rodorff) 113
Morris L. Barer, Greg L. Stoddart, Kimberlyn M. McGrail, and Chris B. McLeod (eds), An Undisciplined Economist: Robert G. Evans on Health Economics, Health Care Policy, and Population Health(Benjamin Diepeveen) 242
Sarah Bassnett, Picturing Toronto: Photography and the Making of a Modern City (Richard Dennis) 111
Meaghan Elizabeth Beaton, The Centennial Cure: Commemoration, Identity, and Cultural Capital in Nova Scotia during Canada's 1867 Centennial Celebrations (Phillip Buckner) 115
Brenda Beckman-Long, Carol Shields and the Writer-Critic (Coral Ann Howells) 122
Stephen Bocking and Brad Martin (eds), Ice Blink: Navigating Northern Environmental History(Maura Hanrahan) 237
Robert Burley, An Enduring Wilderness: Toronto's Natural Parklands (Will Smith) 238
Daniel Byers, Zombie Army: The Canadian Army and Conscription in the Second World War(François Charbonneau) 110
Claire Elizabeth Campbell, Nature, Place and Story: Rethinking Historic Sites in Canada(Will Smith) 234
Brieg Capitaine and Karine Vanthuyne (eds), Power through Testimony: Reframing Residential Schools in the Age of Reconciliation(Tolly Bradford) 235
Janice Cavell (ed.), Documents on Canadian External Relations: The Arctic, 1874–1949(Matthew S. Wiseman) 228
Dominique Clément, Human Rights in Canada: A History(Tracie Lea Scott) 244
Peter E. Paul Dembski (ed.), Travels and Identities: Elizabeth and Adam Shortt in Europe, 1911 (David Banoub) 105
George Emery, Principles and Gerrymanders: Parliamentary Redistribution of Ridings in Ontario, 1840–1954(Will Smith) 233
Ryan Eyford, White Settler Reserve: New Iceland and the Colonization of the Canadian West (Jatinder Mann) 107
James Fergusson and Francis Furtado (eds), Beyond Afghanistan: An International Security Agenda for Canada(Jeffrey F. Collins) 239
Alex Good, Revolutions: Essays on Contemporary Canadian Fiction (Jane Ekstam) 125
Caitlin Gordon-Walker, Exhibiting Nation (and Its Limits) in Canada's Museums(Phillip Buckner) 248
John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, and Greg Donaghy, Canada's Department of External Affairs, Volume III: Innovation and Adaptation, 1968–1984(Kevin Brushett) 229
Dean Irvine and Smaro Kamboureli (eds), Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada(Christian Riegel) 123
Bohdan S. Kordan, No Free Man: Canada, the Great War, and the Enemy Alien Experience (Richard A. Hawkins) 109
Kurt Korneski, Conflicted Colony: Critical Episodes in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland and Labrador (Mathias Rodorff) 112
Jane Koustas, Robert Lepage on the Toronto Stage: Language, Identity, Nation(Cristina Pietropaolo) 247
Paul Litt, Trudeaumania(Kevin Brushett) 230
Asa McKercher and Galen Roger Perras (eds), Mike's World: Lester B. Pearson and Canadian External Affairs(Matthew S. Wiseman) 227
Phillip Gordon Mackintosh, Newspaper City: Toronto's Street Surfaces and the Liberal Press, 1860–1935 (David Hutchison) 106
Alex Marland, Brand Command: Canadian Politics and Democracy in the Age of Message Control...


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