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  • We Will Not Kill You. We'll Just Shoot You in the Vagina
  • Tishani Doshi (bio)

poetry, women, violence, sexuality, pop culture

It's true. We're useless without our vaginas.How will you rape us? How will we birth daughtersand sons? I understand. We should laugh.It would be better if we did, Mr. Duterte.In India, our leaders say eating chow meinexcites the hormones, which evokes rape.

And if you can't prevent it, may as well enjoy it (rape).In one of your 120 languages, the word for vaginais bisong, which sounds like a headlong bird, not chowmein which good mothers don't feed their daughtersfor fear of evoking, you know …. Mr. Duterte,may I call you Rodrigo? We should laugh.

O'Keeffe did when they said she painted vulvas (laughed).Her flowers didn't wear jeans or stay out late. Rapedoesn't happen to respected ladies. Dirty Duterte,#BabaeAko, what do you have against vaginas?What about Sara and Veronica, your daughters& their drama-queen vaginas? What about chow mein?

Personally, I'm against MSG, FGM & chow mein.In Hindi, one of India's 460 languages (I laugh,not to be competitive, but we'd win), the word for daughteris beti, do you know how many lost daughters—raped,unborn, disappeared? One longs for a Venus flytrap vaginaor yoni, the most delectable word for cunt. Duterte

Harry, P-Rod, PDiggy, Digong, Rody, (Duterte)—is Viagra Your Excellency's version of chow mein?Who dares call you impotent? You who want vaginasshot at, you who smooch factory workers, you who laughand say as long as there are beautiful girls there will be rape.There's always a beautiful beti (daughter). [End Page 56]

Our leaders warn us to keep our daughtersat home like cars, so they won't get scratched, Mr. Duterte.They tell us to call our rapists "brother" while they rapeus and afterward everyone can go out for chow meinbecause nobody agrees to do it on the first try. (Laugh)Mr. President, we have teeth in our rebel vaginas,

and they don't need chow mein. Our vaginashave learned to shoot. They laugh and talk back (rapaciousbeasts). Our daughters feed them poems, Mr. Duterte! [End Page 57]

Tishani Doshi

Tishani Doshi is an award-winning poet, novelist, and dancer. She has published six books of fiction and poetry. Her most recent works are the book of poems Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods (Copper Canyon, 2018), which was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award, and a novel, Small Days and Nights (Bloomsbury, 2019) about family secrets, coastal life, and a woman making her way alone in contemporary India.



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