Using Mohr's (2002) model of adult heterosexual identity, this manuscript explicates the heterosexual identity expressions of heterosexual Black men of Caribbean descent (n = 11) during three research focus groups. Qualitative research with Caribbean immigrants presents an opportunity to further examine the model's application in a cultural context informed outside of the United States. The study employed abductive narrative reanalysis, from an integrated constructionist-critical paradigm (Esin, Fathi, & Squire, 2014; Ponterotto, 2005), to examine the explicit and implicit ways participants communicated their current working models and the disclosed precursors and determinants of their heterosexual identities. Mohr's (2002) model accurately applied to these qualitative data, with 100% of the working models represented, and the narrations participants provided illuminated the processes through which these working models come to be. Sexologists may use the findings to better understand the precursors to heterosexual identity development among heterosexual Black men of Caribbean descent.


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