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Tarik Cyril Amar would like to correct any potential misunderstanding in the phrasing of one paragraph in his review essay “Politics, Starvation, and Memory: A Critique of Red Famine,” published in Kritika 20, 1 (2019): 145–69.

The sentences “In a similar vein, Red Famine maintains that for the Nazis, Slavs were subhumans, ‘perhaps one level above the Jews but slated for eventual elimination’ as well (328). This is not debatable, but again it is historically misleading” (157) might better have been stated as follows: “Although the Nazis targeted many Slavs with massive violence, the assertion that they slated them for total elimination in the same way as they sought to exterminate the Jews is so misleading as to be unworthy of consideration.” [End Page 226]



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