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Erratum for Emily Wilcox, “The Postcolonial Blind Spot: Chinese Dance in the Era of Third Worldism, 1949–1965,” positions 26(4) (2018): 781–815.

This erratum remedies a typographical error. In the final sentence on page 789 of the article, the two words in quotation marks should also be struck through, so the sentence correctly reads:

In other words, while the phenomenon Tani Barlow (1993) once called “ colonialism” has been largely ameliorated, a similar phenomenon of “ post-colonialism” persists.

The citation for Tani Barlow on page 810 should read: Barlow, Tani E. 1993. “ Colonialism’s Career in Postwar China Studies,” positions 1, no. 1: 224–68.

doi10.1215/10679847-7614707 [End Page 423]



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