This article offers an African feminist re-inculturation critique of the Suum-ngi creation myth of the Kadung people within the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN). The authors argue that COCIN seems to have uncritically inculturated a patriarchal reading of the Suum-ngi creation myth. This uncritical and unconscious inculturation of Suum-ngi has facilitated gender discrimination in the church. The choice of COCIN in this article is informed by the fact that the majority of Kadung Christians belong to this church tradition. The article also argues that despite this dominant patriarchal reading, the Suum-ngi creation myth is an indigenous resource that can facilitate gender justice through some elements it possesses that can foster human equality in COCIN. We therefore propose an African feminist re-inculturation of the myth in keeping with African women theologians' call for gender justice in African Christianity.