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  • American Playwrights Celebrate Caryl Churchill at Eighty
  • Bonnie Marranca

The British playwright Caryl Churchill turned eighty in 2018. She provides an example of someone who, for more than fifty years, has been steadily constructing a body of work that takes as its subject contemporary politics and the human condition, in plays that are strikingly original as dramatic form. In America, playwriting has been challenged by texts assembled as collage from non-literary sources and by playwrights displaced by dramaturgs; contemporary playwrights’ work has often been ignored by theatre companies preferring to construct their own texts or appropriate other works; dramatic literature claims less attention in theatre scholarship that now celebrates performance instead. PAJ invited a number of playwrights to consider her work in relation to their own aspirations as writers and to the status of the text in theatre today. What is Churchill’s legacy as a writer? How important has she been in your development as a writer?



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