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  • To Burn a World
  • Brianna Lyn Sahagian-Limas (bio)

We could be the world to each                                                            other. We couldbe light               unfiltered by the evergreen,the slow-burnt brown of both.                                                            The warmth of ourmultiplying bodies trapped between                                               the layerswrapped around the mountains,                                     insulatingthe sky.       We could plant                                  warheads                                        and smokestacks.

There are several ways to burn                                                            a world.The friction between                            our neighboring heartsintense enough to make                                              us spark and flame.Grow clouds that the sky                                   wouldn't grow itself.Our bodies sticky,                                   sheets of sweat buildingin space behind knees                                                  when we stand too closeto the fire catching.

                                   We can watch it melt,layers of paint sliding                                                  down the wallslike frosting on cake, [End Page 93]                                    left out in the sunwhen the birthday boy                                   realizes he hateschocolate.            Drywall and plaster curlingand peeling            from wood beams that in turn willbuckle and wither.                Brick and mortar turnmercury, pool           into rivers                    on fire.

Downtown                skid row                                   and everyone we knowwill kiss each other                     with blue-flame lips

Our friends and the scientists                                                            will run teststo know the source of                                   such heat, but they, too,will start to feel faint. Papers,                                                            computers,their skin and their bones,                                             turn to lava and ash,erasing everything,                    before we could explain. [End Page 94]

Brianna Lyn Sahagian-Limas

Brianna Lyn Sahagian-Limas is a writer, educator, and library professional from southern California. She has published poetry and fiction in Greenleaf Review and River's Voice.



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