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  • In the Next Life, a Tree
  • Alan Michael Parker (bio)

So I shall put on my tree hatand my tree shirt and tree pantsand my root bootsand let my gouges show

and walk until I stayand keep for the birds a home

and every so oftenevery soI shall turn a littleto the light to grow

and I shall wrapI wrap up in windso I can listento each inclination

jealous of lightningblind in the snowI shall let my colors decide

the years I will wearall of my rings

and so many arms shall I haveand never need moreto carryto carry the sky [End Page 86]

Alan Michael Parker

Alan Michael Parker is the author of nine books, including The Ladder (2016). He is the Houchens Professor of English at Davidson College and also teaches in the University of Tampa's low-residency MFA program. He lives in North Carolina.



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