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  • A Dialectic Treatise, and: Whatever Remains of Leon Czolgosz
  • Trent Beauchamp-Sanchez (bio)

a dialectic treatise

The sun has burned out its core and appears now as a flaming coinThe type with the center punched out, the ones my grandfather smuggled back from VietnamThe negation of space is in actuality a space itselfThe man at the counter asks for coffee without creamThe waitress says they are out of cream, is milk okayThe man instead asks for coffee without milkThe ground in the forest of the city is full of potholesThe tower stumps have already been smeltedThe statues built from their ingots feel like Ozymandias must haveThe wonders we beheld the day before were overnight transformed into minimalist monolithsThe postmodernist's death threat to anything resembling a firm stanceThe cuckoo's nest is sitting vacant, though not for lack of demandThe tea kettle screams for attention on the induction stoveThe excited space within plays the opening of Beethoven's 9thThe Hegelians are discussing the duality of the void and the objectThe negative denouncer doesn't get the ironyThe void becomes manifest and devours the critical edge of the cinemaThe weekend box office is through the roof now that we don't have to believe anythingThe fantasies I've created have more agency than my reality doesThe one where she bit clean through my neck seems to speak for itself the most [End Page 11]

whatever remains of leon czolgosz

Boardwalk lost its property value when the water kept risingPast projections assumed we could continue on like thisRonald Reagan mistook his jelly beans for the nuclear footballConsensus is he's bringing back patriotismDread is the consensus on our side of the fenceNothing seems to matter when there is no futureFuture projections stop assuming anythingImagining an alternative feels like a mental exercise reserved forFringe academics who secretly fear their criticism is fueling the fireThinking seems like a luxury not afforded to caged animalsRats run on a wheel for lower wages than hamstersPrey is easiest to take if it imagines itself on topDead time is the rhythm of repetitive brain injuryCalendars read: work, procreate, and pay your taxes [End Page 12]

Trent Beauchamp-Sanchez

Trent Beauchamp-Sanchez is a social ecologist, antifascist, gardener, poet, and graduating senior at Whittier College.



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