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  • Crows
  • Baoyinhexige (bio)

Crows do not knowThat people believed in them.Crows do not know thatLater, people hated them.

And even more so,Crows do not knowWhy this is so.

The Mayor of TokyoOnce called upon the publicTo use crows as cooking fareYet not one cookWas tempted to do so.

Crows do not even knowThey are black.

Crows are the numerous patchers of the skyPatching endlessly and flying ceaselesslyAnd people do not knowWhat it is they are patching. [End Page 10]


Baoyinhexige 宝音贺希格 is a poet and writer from Inner Mongolia who writes in Mongolian, Mandarin, and Japanese. His works include the Mongolian-language poetry collections Another Kind of Moonlight and Ninety-Nine Black Mountain Goats, and the Japanese-language prose work I Am a Mongol.



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