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  • Editors' Note
  • Mike T. Carson and Rowan K. Flad

This issue of Asian Perspectives concentrates on Korean archaeology, with thanks owed to Guest Editors Jack Davey and Dennis Lee and the team of contributing authors. We hope for this themed issue to generate more awareness and interest in the archaeology of the Korean Peninsula, not only in its own right but also in a broader regional view.

Given the nature of this issue, we would like to use this opportunity to encourage contributors who may be considering proposing a special issue or special section to contact us with your ideas. We have several stipulations relevant to the publication of such issues or sections in Asian Perspectives.

First, all the articles undergo the normal review process for Asian Perspectives. This involves evaluation by a number of external reviewers, in addition to review by the journal editors. Typically the organizers will be expected to provide editorial guidance, but we take the peer review process seriously.

Second, with the above issue in mind, we aim to have all articles proposed for a special issue or section submitted at around the same time so they can undergo review simultaneously. This can present challenges since many of the reviewers on whom we would most likely call might be appropriate for many of the articles. We therefore request assistance from the guest editors in identifying impartial reviewers who would return their responses within our normal one-month review period.

Third, as the reviews come in, we aim to ensure that the authors respond to review comments quickly, particularly when major revisions are requested. Guest editors might anticipate that not all articles will be deemed publishable in their original form, so it will be very important for them to work with the authors to make subsequent deadlines. If we accept articles or revisions come in and they are accepted too late for the special issue or section, we will move them into the queue for the next issue we aim to publish at that point. We will not hold publishable, accepted articles for long periods after other manuscripts have been revised and resubmitted. If the authors are not all kept on task, it is possible that a special issue will be smaller than originally anticipated or might be divided across two issues as "special sections."

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