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GHANA STUDIES / Volume 3 ISSN 1536-5514 / E-ISSN 2333-7168© 2000 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System 1 EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION In this issue of Ghana Studies we offer an outstanding collection of scholarly papers commemorating the Yaa Asantewaa War and assessing its significance one hundred years after the event. The papers have been ably assembled and edited by editorial board member Emmanuel Akyeampong. This is the first time, but we hope it will not be the last, that an entire issue of our journal is devoted to a single topic. The editorial board warmly encourages Ghana scholars in all fields similarly to consider putting together a series of thematically related papers for submission to the journal. They need not comprise an entire issue. Please contact any member of the editorial board or the editor if you are interested. In his introduction to the present collection Emmanuel Akyeampong lucidly outlines the principal contributions of each of the articles, and he notes that there are a number of historical issues about the war and the state of the Asante kingdom in 1900 that remain unresolved. We would hope that readers might take up some of these issues, and, on the basis of fresh evidence, or a fresh look at old evidence, offer a different, perhaps even opposing view of these matters. The pages of this journal will always be open to the pursuit of scholarly debate and argument. At the same time we welcome the submission of individual papers on any subject dealing with Ghana, the country and its people. Guidelines for potential contributors may be found on the Internet at: Larry W. Yarak Texas A&M University ...


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