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  • North Atlantic
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And who quenched your thirstwith black sweat turned warm ambera colder continent's sugar-tit tantrums?Who beat the cream and bent them overto bear the sick-churned sweetnessfor their clotted cream and beige milk tea?Whose bare backs were baked brown, stripped red,made porkish lean n salty for so, so little?You stand tall, stand down, sit up, crouch,that we could wear each other's shirtsyour skin, my sweat, twisted intoa maple syrup, cane sugar supplication, wrung out, steeped,swallowed with a tart, spunky lemon rindwaxy sheen, fringed with a burnt-mouthbitter feeling, suckling a stone pacifieranchored to the frozen oceanbeing reeled in, tastinggold hooks. [End Page 260]

Nancy Kang

Nancy Kang is Canada Research Chair in Transnational Feminisms and Gender-Based Violence, Tier II, at the University of Manitoba. She coauthored The Once and Future Muse: The Poetry and Poetics of Rhina P. Espaillat with Silvio Torres-Saillant, and can be reached at



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