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  • dear citizen
  • Marcus B. McArthur (bio)

dear citizen

dear citizen of consciencefrustrated by heirsim writing youunderstanding

that you already know

you already knowhow the world worksyou grasp the pressingyou know power history

the suffering

salved miseryshed naiveteabandoned platitudesaccepted violence

u [no] revolution sparkleu [no] bloody progressu crave the beauty of threat,the enigma of violence

u already [no]

they goodat what they dothey really goodat what they do

authoritarian regimesthe blue bloodbanner u liveunder

they are really goodat benevolenceserving wood breadghost storiesall those protests& progressive lawsmake america run fast,perplex revolution

all those protests& progressive lawsperfect pilfer,equivocate order [End Page 104]

no matterhow highempty glass boxes risecitizen comply

u already [no]

plutocratshow much they pilfer

u already [no]u dont have a cluehow much they really pilfer

plutocrats buy politicians20th-century historyplutocrats buy politiciansthe history of fascism

plutocrats gave academiato the liberalsliberals got plump fromcafeteria bread crumbs

plutocrats want university backu already [no]cause revolutions on life support

u already [no]ask the wisconsin badgersif you dont think sobut you wont cause

u already [no]

u already [no]america is dividedinherently dividedwhat people believe inred states and blue

the constitutionthe founding fatherspaper protection for pilferthe founding slaveowners

u already [no]surveillance

u already [no]no secrets

u already [no]off-the-grid extinction

u already [no]

that if it isit wont bemuch longer [End Page 105]

what happens when uthink thoughtsunapproved?

whats certainif u act on thoughts unapproved?

what they didto the king

u already [no]what they did to the x

what they did to the pantherswhat they did in kentwhere anti-commies sold crackwho is locked up for smoke

U know

who gets rich off of amendment2 who gets locked up for smokeamerica was open dooruntil the browns 2 stepped in

but i donthave 2tell u this causeu already [no]

U know

so whats a citizenof good consciencefrustrated by heirsto do?

vote 4 a pawn?protest the body drop?

talk about topics and issues?

vote 4 a drone?explode organic perdition?

talk about issues and topics?

vote 4 a casualty?la lalala lalalimbo

our cup spilleth over,plundered remorse

dear citizen of consciencefrustrated by heirsi am writing u [End Page 106]

Marcus B. McArthur

Marcus B. McArthur is a humanities teacher at City-As School, an alternative high school serving students ages 17-21 in New York City.



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