Since at least 2013, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) has reanimated public conversation, highlighting a pattern of present-day and historical state-sanctioned violence against Black people. Much of the conversation has centered on the premise that Black Lives Matter, a statement that challenges an anti-Black logic in which Black and life or rather Black and human are thought to be antagonistic entities. Black Lives Matter is a necessary statement for now, as it signals how Black life's mattering is not common sense, but rather a contested idea under racial capitalism. Black Lives Matter is a slogan that implicates a white supremacist capitalist police state as one of the leading factors in the cause of Black premature death. While there is much written about the work being done to challenge the anti-Blackness of the state, less is written on the internal work that Black folk are doing in the name of healing justice. Much of this work is just getting off the ground, like the Healing & Safety Council (HSC), also known as the holistic human resources team of the Black liberation organization Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100). We, BYP100's Healing & Safety Council, have decided to come together and document the work we have been doing in the name of Black liberation. What follows is a staged conversation that is both scholarly and poetic, inviting the reader to engage this piece as we have had to engage the work of Black healing, repair, and transformative justice. In this conversation, we focus on BYP100's mobilization of a Black queer feminist lens to create a Black politic that holds at its core Black healing and a radical ethic of love.


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