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  • Contents Volume 51
Number 1
The Clinical Odyssey: Odysseus’s Apologoi and Narrative Therapy joel p. christensen 1
Olfactory Theater: Tracking Scents in Aeschylus’s Oresteia amy lather 33
“One, Two, Three”: Narrative Circles in Plato’s Timaeus bess r. h. myers 55
The “Beautiful Death” from Homer to Democratic Athens nicole loraux
Translated by David M. Pritchard
Number 2
The Silence of the Muse yukai li 91
Varro’s Bimarcus and Encounters with the Self in Plautus’s Epidicus and Amphitruo t. h. m. geller-goad 117
Pliny’s Epistolary Directions michael hanaghan 137
Utopia and Uneven Space in Soyinka’s The Bacchae of Euripides wole kay gabriel 163
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Number 3
Alcaeus Fragment 130b V and the Literature of Exile ippokratis kantzios 191
“The Horror of the Terrifying and the Hilarity of the Grotesque”: Daimonic Spaces—and Emotions—in Ancient Greek Literature esther eidinow 209
Ecology, Epistemology, and Divination in Cicero de Divinatione 1.90–94 dan-el padilla peralta 237
You Too: The Narratology of Apostrophe and Second-Person Narrative in Virgil’s Georgics robert cowan 269

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