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  • Three Poems
  • Sarah Rebecca Kersley (bio)

Translations by the author


Lost, we citedpossible namesfor colors ofstained sails, ofdried-in marks,for the decorative use of a drumon the sextant. We didn't thinkabout the postscript. That same day,others didn't have ourluck or faith orhooks. With this invertedsentence, we got to wherethe wood is green, with noise that couldhave come before, and from wherewe would continue, quite alone.

more than nothing

Your house is your

country and my house is mine. The fisherman reminded me of you and of that book written by my rational friend; we could get into loaded conversations about Bob Marley's kids or about anything; we could conclude abruptly; we could walk to the end of the pier already knowing that the last wooden boat to Camamu has gone, but that another one will come; knowing the sun will set and we'll either sleep right here where we are or we'll stay awake, also here, in this kind-of-time, kind-of-connecting ourselves with all that could be urban and forgotten and to do with me, to do with us. Because we think living here is a choice, soon we'll meet again, on a rooftop. I'll have a glass in my hand and I'll ask how you're doing, and when you reply I'll be deafened by the idea of covering you in freshwater and words and in beijos. [End Page 103]

l'art du déplacement

Run, run, corrato the seafrom the interiorfrom the center of the earth to the outside

from where it begins.Corra, corra, runfrom the seato the interiorto the center of the earthfrom the outsideto where it begins.

The science with whichyour eyes reflectthe ever-restricted libraryis recognized today,recognized as …recognized as?recognized as … [End Page 104]

Sarah Rebecca Kersley

Sarah Rebecca Kersley is a poet, translator, editor, and bookseller in Salvador da Bahia. She was born in the UK in 1976 and has a master's degree from the University of Glasgow. In Bahia, she co-founded Livraria Boto-cor-de-rosa, a bookshop and small press dedicated to contemporary literature. Her translations have appeared in Two Lines: World Writing in Translation, The Critical Flame, Flaneur Magazine, and Asymptote. Her poems written in Portuguese have appeared in O Globo, Revista Oblique, and elsewhere. Her poetry collection Tipografia oceânica [Oceanic typography] was published in 2017.



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