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Black, Taylor. “The Numbers Don’t Lie: Performing Facts and Futures in FiveThirtyEight’s Probabilistic Forecasting.” 519–38.

Chow, Broderick D. V. “Feeling in Counterpoint: Complicit Spectatorship and the Filipino Performing Body.” 327–47.

Cima, Gibson Alessandro. “Exporting South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Global Arts Corps’ Truth in Translation.” 43–63.

Culp, Amanda. “Shakuntala’s Storytellers: Translation and Performance in the Age of World Literature (1789–1912).” 133–52.

Diamond, Elin. “Reactivating the City: Kibeho, Black Lives Matter, and the Situationist Dérive.” 349–67.

Eng, Chris A. “‘Give it up, Kwang’: Disavowing Asian Labor and Queer/Trans of Color Critique in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” 173–93.

Jackson-Schebetta, Lisa. “Forms of Truth: Testimonio and Democracy in the Theatrical Lives of Bojayá.” 499–517.

Kluber, Warren. “Character-World Dialectics on the Contemporary American Stage: Gaming, Role-Playing, and Wrestling with Idioculture.” 209–27.

Liu, Siyuan. “The Great Traditional/Modern Divide of Regional Chinese Theatrical Genres in the 1950s.” 153–72.

Massie, Eleanor. “Ham Acting: A Circum-Atlantic Genealogy.” 65–82.

Perucci, Tony. “Irritational Aesthetics: Reality Friction and Indecidable Theatre.” 473–98.

Rowen, Bess. “Undigested Reading: Rethinking Stage Directions through Affect.” 307–26.

Schneider, Rebecca. “That the Past May Yet Have Another Future: Gesture in the Times of Hands Up.” 285–306.

Trezise, Bryoni. “Future Visions: A Pre-Performative History of Infant Theatricality.” 1–21.

Venters, Scott. “‘Better to burn’: The Prima Mimarum and Political Friction in Fourth-Century Antioch.” 23–41.

Watkinson, Philip. “Staging Money: Theatre and Immateriality following the 2008 Financial Crisis.” 195–208.


Ansari, Naila. “(Re-)Documenting the Black Body in America.” 451–52.

Conti, Meredith. “Look to the Crisis Actors.” 439–41.

Fletcher, John. “Deepfakes, Artificial Intelligence, and Some Kind of Dystopia: The New Faces of Online Post-Fact Performance.” 455–71.

Litvin, Margaret. “Syrian Theatre in Berlin.” 447–50.

Rossini, Jon D. “The Latinx, Indigenous, and the Americas Graduate Class: Geography, Pedagogy, and Power.” 443–45.

Shawyer, Susanne. “Protest Occupations and Thinking Tactically as a Democratic Practice.” 453–54.


Birringer, Johannes. “Really Actually Windy: On Environments, Technologies, and Dividual Performances.” 633–47.

Knowles, Ric. “Festivals: What Good Are They? What Are They Good at? The Case of Edinburgh 2017.” 369–82.


Amsden, Robert. The Maids. 401–3.

Bisaha, David. Ghost Light. 238–40.

Brewster, Shelby. Dodo. 544–45.

Buckley, Jennifer. An Octoroon. 555–57.

Carriger, Michelle Liu. Group Therapy. 550–53.

———. Soft Goods. 550–53.

Cheng, Meiling. Beach and Tunnel. 83–85.

Chirico, Miriam M. Field Guide. 553–55.

Cole, Catherine M. Johannesburg Dance Umbrella: Thirty Years On. 539–42. [End Page 599]

Coulter, Todd James. Oedipus El Rey. 561–63.

Cox, Jordana. The Top of Bravery. 107–9.

Cummings, Scott T. 41st Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays. 103–5.

Deboeck, Lynn. Turquoise. 247–49.

Edgecomb, Sean F. Gently Down the Stream. 232–36.

———. The View Upstairs. 232–36.

Evans, Rachel. Hamlet. 92–94.

———. Saint Joan. 92–94.

Fenley, Marissa. 7Ways. 405–9.

———. Cendres. 405–9.

———. Chiflón, El Silencio del Carbon. 405–9.

———. Narcissister Live! 405–9.

Fisher, David Ruis. Zoot Suit. 253–55.

Friedman, Andrew. Nationaltheater Reinickendorf. 387–89.

Gavrila, Rebecca Lynn. Don Juan in Soho. 257–58.

Hopkins, Justin B. The Tempest. 243–45.

Hubbard, Robert. King Lear. 245–47.

Hunter, Les. The Devil’s Milk Trilogy, Part One: Death of a Man. 240–43.

———. The Devil’s Milk Trilogy, Part Two: Goosetown. 240–43.

———. The Devil’s Milk Trilogy, Part Three: Industrial Valley. 240–43.

Johnson, Katie N. Woyzeck in Winter. 236–38.

Knowles, Scott C. How to Fight Loneliness. 255–56.

Kuftinec, Sonja Arsham. Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 94–98.

Larlham, Daniel. In Event of Moon Disaster. 545–47.

Lease, Bryce. Inte Hela Världen? (Not the End of the World). 88–90.

Lee, Esther Kim. M. Butterfly. 560–61.

Lee, Jieun. {my lingerie play}. 547–48.

Lichtenberg, Drew. 17c. 383–87.

Lim, Stephanie. Edward Albee’s at Home at the Zoo. 98–101.

McDonnell, Maureen. Long Day’s Journey into Night. 258–59.

Muse, Amy. The Oldest Boy. 101–2.

Najjar, Michael Malek. The Talented Ones. 251–53.

Nakamura, Jessica. Kaidan Project...


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