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  • Apocalypse Chapter 1 VS 1 (a break in the programming)
  • Joy KMT (bio)

I have seen all gods topple/in the wake of a bullet/frenzying theatoms we take for granted/on an inhale

I am an old woman now/grief easing the tension of my scalp/awayfrom the root of my hair/strands falling like the feathers of a pluckedchicken in between my fingers/

What have we gained/in our lust for beauty and ease/it does rain onus all/like god said except/not equally

& while we're at it, don't ever mistake mammaliangenetic instinctfor a rainbow of any sort, i'm not convincedthere aren't 10,000 better earthshanging out in the ovaries of a deity that tooka universe of quaaludes and saiddon't wake me in the morn. [End Page 114]


JOY KMT is a healer, poet, ritual artist, and cultural commentator. She has received fellowships and residencies from MacDowell, Callaloo, VONA, and Heinz Endowments. Her work is deeply influenced by afropessimism, afrofuturism, mothering, and conjure. She is published in multiple journals, anthologies, and magazines, including Black Quantum Futurism (Volumes 1 and 2), Black Girl Dangerous, The Feminist Wire, Adrienne, Pluck!, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Los Angeles Review of Books, and others.



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