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  • Revolution
  • DaMaris B. Hill (bio)

  (for Assata Shakur)

Revolution ain’t a date in a history book,it’s an ivy that thorns,a lily that pricks. It stingslike the splash of a copper-colored girlrunning in a skinned knee, ruiningher Easter dress.

Revolution is the taste of honeyand the revenge of the hive.Why wait for the swarmsto die? Revolution ain’t got a thangto do with facts. It is all faith!Revolution is not a sweet-tooth craving;it is a long fight clouded in fear; it ishundreds of hornets. It isfamily hunting you.

Revolution is somethingthat follows. It’s a relativewringing you ’round the elbow,a human leash to snatch youfrom dreaming. The last timeI saw revolution, she was being dragged,the faces of her toes—scream.

Revolution ain’t a promise you remember,it’s a shriek that damns.It’s the sand gripping your hair,brushed into your eyes.

Revolution is jumping into ocean, saltsurfing against your retina.You are never sure if the beescan swim. Revolution is drowningin chiffon. Revolutionis the silk that will not stay outof your nostrils. Revolution won’t be quelleduntil you leave the havenof the waves.

Revolution is the dazzle of beadsand the buckles of shoes, searchingfor the floor in the swell of the tides. It is youchoking, lace snagging, scaring your ankles; [End Page 330] your hair bows snaked across aneighbors’ lawn. Revolution, the sin thatshames the weary biding grace; they’rethe welt waiting to redeem you, the wealfleeing a loved one’s hand. [End Page 331]

DaMaris B. Hill

DaMaris B. Hill is the author of \ Vi-zə-bəl \ \ Teks-chərs \ (Visible Textures) (Mammoth, 2015) and A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing (Bloomsbury, January 2019), and is the editor of The Fluid Boundaries of Suffrage and Jim Crow: Staking Claims in the American Heartland (Lexington, 2016). Similar to her creative process, Hill’s scholarly research is interdisciplinary. She serves as assistant professor of creative writing, American literature, and African American studies at the University of Kentucky.



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