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  • Annual IndexVolume 137 (2018)
Amihay, Aryeh, "Biblical Myths and the Inversion Principle: A Neostructuralist Approach," 555–79
Amzallag, Nissim, "The Authorship of Ezra and Nehemiah in Light of Differences in Their Ideological Background," 271–97
Backfish, Elizabeth, "Transformations in Translation: An Examination of the Septuagint Rendering of Hebrew Wordplay in the Fourth Book of the Psalter," 71–86
Baker, Robin, " Double Trouble: Counting the Cost of Jephthah," 29–50
Bertschmann, Dorothea, "Is There a Kenosis in This Text? Rereading Philippians 3:2–11 in the Light of the Christ Hymn," 235–54
Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth, "The Impact of Siege Warfare on Biblical Conceptualizations of YHWH," 19–28
Briggs, William, "Fluid Dynamics: The Interplay of Water and Gender in Nahum," 853–70
Brookins, Timothy, "A Tense Discussion: Rethinking the Grammaticalization of Time in Greek Indicative Verbs," 147–68
Bryan, Steven M., "The End of Exile: The Reception of Jeremiah's Prediction of a Seventy-Year Exile," 107–26
Burt, Sean, "'Your Torah Is My Delight': Repetition and the Poetics of Immanence in Psalm 119," 685–700
Douglas, Alex P., "A Call to Law: The Septuagint of Isaiah 8 and Gentile Law Observance," 87–104
Duff, Justin Harrison, "The Blood of Goats and Calves … and Bulls? An Allusion to Isaiah 1:11 LXX in Hebrews 10:4," 765–83
Edwards, James R., "The Rider on the White Horse, the Thigh Inscription, and Apollo: Revelation 19:16," 519–36
Elder, Nicholas, "'Wretch I Am!' Eve's Tragic Speech-in-Character in Romans 7:7–25," 743–63
Esler, Philip F., "'All That You Have Done … Has Been Fully Told to Me': The Power of Gossip and the Story of Ruth," 645–66
Ferguson, Anthony, "The Elijah Forerunner Concept as an Authentic Jewish Expectation," 127–45
Fewster, Gregory Peter, "Manuscript, Voice, and the Construction of Pseudepigraphal Identities: Composing a Mutable David in Some Qumran Psalms Scrolls," 893–914
Fox, Michael V. "The Meanings of the Book of Job," 3–18
Fredriksen, Paula, "How Jewish Is God? Divine Ethnicity in Paul's Theology," 193–212
Fried, Lisbeth S., "150 Men at Nehemiah's Table? The Role of the Governor's Meals in the Achaemenid Provincial Economy," 821–31
Garroway, Kristine, "2 Kings 6:24–30: A Case of Unintentional Elimination Killing," 53–70
Glanville, Mark, "The Gēr (Stranger) in Deuteronomy: Family for the Displaced," 599–623
Gulliver, Mike, and William John Lyons, "Conceptualizing the Place of Deaf People in Ancient Israel: Suggestions from Deaf Space," 537–53
Hamilton, Catherine Sider, "The Death of Judas in Matthew: Matthew 27:9 Reconsidered," 419–37
Haring, James W., "Romans 5:12, Once Again: Is It a Grammatical Comparison?," 733–41
Heilmann, Jan, "A Meal in the Background of John 6:51–58?," 481–500
Jones, Brice C., "A Greek Papyrus Fragment with a Citation of Matthew 1:20," 169–74
Knust, Jennifer W. See Wheeler-Reed, David
Kovalishyn, Mariam Kamell, "The Prayer of Elijah in James 5: An Example of Intertextuality," 1027–45
Lang, T. J., "Trouble with Insiders: The Social Profile of the ἄπιστοι in Paul's Corinthian Correspondence," 981–1001
Last, Richard, "Ekklēsia outside the Septuagint and the Dēmos: The Titles of Greco-Roman Associations and Christ-Followers' Groups," 959–80
Leonard-Fleckman, Mahri, "Utterance of David, the Anointed of the God of Jacob (2 Samuel 23:1–7)," 667–83
Lyons, William John. See Gulliver, Mike
Martin, Dale B. See Wheeler-Reed, David
Martin, Troy W., "Concluding the Book of Job and YHWH: Reading Job from the End to the Beginning," 299–318
Massey, Preston T., "Veiling among Men in Roman Corinth: 1 Corinthians 11:4 and the Potential Problem of East Meeting West," 501–17
Matson, David Lertis, "Double-Edged: The Meaning of the Two Swords in Luke 22...


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