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Babuts, Nicolae
The Dynamics of Reading
51.2 173-188
Balladur, Laura C.
Dotted Lines and Fountain Diagrams in Descartes's Treatise on Man
51.1 103-123
Basu, Biman
Linguistic and Libidinal Progressions in Sam Selvon's The Lonely Londoners
51.2 75-90
Ben Driss, Hager
Nomadic Genres: The Case of the Short Story Cycle
51.2 59-74
Braz, Albert
Lovers of America (the U.S.A.): Mira Nair, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and the Politics of Adaptation
51.2 157-172
Brickey, Alyson, Ryan C.P. Fics, Gwynne Fulton, Riley McGuire, and Carrie Reese
Graduate Student Panel
51.4 83-116
Brink, Dean Anthony
Nuclear Hegemony and Material Indices: The Satirical Verse Boom in Daily Newspapers after Fukushima
51.3 141-159
Calcagno, Antonio
On the Possibility and Impossibility of a World
51.4 1-9
Chen, Chien-Hung
Subjectal Scale and Micro-biopolitics at the End of the Anthropocene: Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy
51.3 179-198
Connolly, Thomas C.
Walking in Colour: Another Look at Musical Ekphrasis through Marc Chagall's Jerusalem Windows
51.1 161-178
Dimick, Sarah
From Suspect to Species: Climate Crime in Antti Tuomainen's The Healer
51.3 19-35
Enns, Diane
In Spite of the World
51.4 11-18
Estok, Simon C.
Hollow Ecology and Anthropocene Scales of Measurement
51.3 37-52
Fan, Lai-Tze
Material Matters in Digital Representation: Tree of Codes as a Literature of Disembodiment
51.1 37-53
Fischlin, Daniel
Moving On/Living On… Toward a Theory of Improvisation and Interdisciplinarity
51.4 19-38
Fry, Katie
Lost Time and the Heterotopic Image in W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz
51.1 125-141
Gerhardt, Christina
Pacific and Plastic: Midway Atoll, Plastiglomerate, and Love of Place
51.3 123-140
Ghasemi, Mehdi
An Equation of Collectivity: We + You in Richard Wright's 12 Million Black Voices
51.1 71-86
Gleason, Michael, and Anne C. MacMaster
From Bird Girls to Bat Souls: Joycean Transformations of a Homeric Trope
51.2 189-204
Hunt, Laura
Seeing the Nation for the Trees: Nature and Nationalism in the Novela de la selva
51.3 89-105
Hutton, Margaret-Anne
Plato, New Media Technologies, and the Contemporary Novel
51.1 179-195
Krell, David Farrell
Lidwien van de Ven's Ramallah, 11/09/06 (boy sitting): or, The Chances of Concealment
51.4 x-xii
Krell, David Farrell
Living On—with Monsters
51.4 39-45
Krell, David Farrell
Shudder Speed: The Photograph as Ecstasy and Tragedy
51.4 139-154
Lingis, Alphonso
A Hard and Brutal Mysticism
51.4 47-53
Maleuvre, Didier
The Trial of Paul Gauguin
51.1 197-213
Miller, Jesse
Medicines of the Soul: Reparative Reading and the History of Bibliotherapy
51.2 17-34
Moser, Keith
Protecting the Fragile Splendor of the Universe: A Serresian Reading of Jean Giono's L'Homme qui plantait des arbres
51.3 107-122
Oerlemans, Onno
Sing and Be Heard: Birdsong and the Romantic Lyric
51.2 1-16
Oppermann, Serpil
The Scale of the Anthropocene: Material Ecocritical Reflections
51.3 1-17
Pérez Trujillo Diniz, Axel
Infinitesimal Poetics of the Sedimented Ground: The Pantanal in Manoel de Barros
51.3 71-87
Poyner, Jane
Subalternity and Scale in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things
51.3 53-69
Richardson, John
Sentimental Witnesses: Modern War Representation and the Eighteenth Century
51.2 139-155
Rommens, Aarnoud
Latin American Abstraction: Upending Joaquín Torres-García's Inverted Map
51.2 35-58
Rottenberg, Elizabeth
Behind the Scenes of the Derrida Seminars Translation Project
51.4 55-66
Royle, Nicholas
51.4 67-82
Schalk, Sami
Strategic Alterations and Afro-Asian Connections in Paul Beatty's Tuff
51.1 55-70
Schenstead-Harris, Leif
Ghostwriting Abigail: The Haunting Authorship of Chris Abani and Dave Eggers
51.1 143-159
Spinosa, Dani
Vulva Zombies: Authorship in Erín Moure's Pillage Laud
51.2 123-138
Stamm, Gina
Embodiment and Aging in Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein
51.2 91-105
Straus, Nina Pelikan
What is or was Postmodern Fiction? Murakami after Borges
51.1 87...


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