Advertisers often employ accented spokespeople to promote products and services that are stereotypical of or related to a speaker's background. The current research examines the impact of using an accented spokesperson on listener evaluations of credibility, attitude toward the spokesperson, and the purchase likelihood of an advertised product/service. Using an ethnically and regionally diverse sample, this research indicates that accented radio advertisements are effective when the listener perceives the spokesperson as being ethnically similar. Additionally, this research illustrates that accented spokespersons can be effective in promoting stereotypical products/services; however the effect is limited to listeners that perceive ethnic similarity to the ad spokesperson. Advertising can have a profound impact on society whereby it has the ability to change perceptions and behaviors in both positive and negative ways. When designing advertisements, marketers are encouraged to be mindful of potential societal repercussions that come from their choices, such as spokesperson selection and the accents that are used.

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