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Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Alexie, Sherman The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven Erika T. Wurth 39(6):14
Arimah, Lesley Nneka What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky Carmen McCain 39(4):7
Armenteros, Jorge The Roar of the River Karen Corinne Herceg 39(5):27
Barnes, Julian The Noise of Time M. Allen Cunningham 39(1):10
Beckman, Frida Gilles Deleuze Ronald Bogue 39(2/3):11
Benedict, Helen Wolf Season Jane Rosenberg LaForge 39(4):17
Binet, Lauren; Sam Taylor, trans. The Seventh Function of Language Monica Latham 39(1):13
Brown, Wendy Undoing the Demos Carl Raschke 39(5):8
Browning, Barbara The Gift Laura Westby Cannon 39(5):21
Campbell, N. J. Found Audio Tim Horvath 39(5):26
Charlesworth, Sarah; Sarah Charlesworh Jan Garden Castro 39(6):21
Rochelle Steiner, ed. Collins, Michael Appearances Stephanie 39(5):22
Coover, Robert Matinee Stuart Pimsler 39(6):8
DeJong, Constance Modern Love James Tadd Adcox 39(4):27
Dickinson, Stephanie Flashlight Girls Run Emily Levin 39(1):20
Dutton, Danielle Margaret the First Lara Dodds 39(1):12
Eisen-Martin, Tongo Heaven Is All Goodbyes Patrick James Dunagan 39(2/3):28
Eler, Alicia The Selfie Generation Jessica Schnee 39(6):17
Elledge, Jim Bonfire of the Sodomites Beth McDermott 39(4):26
Eyers, Tom Speculative Formalism Vanessa Loh 39(2/3):41
Flores, Shoney Parts William Hastings 39(4):19
Forrester, Viviane Virginia Woolf: A Portrait Thais Rutledge 39(2/3):17
Frank, Nathaniel Awakening Jeffery Sugarman 39(2/3):39
Fuentes, Carlos; Nietzsche on His Balcony Lance Olsen 39(1):11
E. Shaskan Bumas and Alejandro Branjer, trans.
Gaines-Friedler, Joy Capture Theory Anne Whitehouse 39(6):19
Gerdes, Eckhard White Bungalows Andy O'Clancy 39(4):23
Gillis, Steven Liars Kallie Wilbourn 39(2/3):26
Gioseffi, Daniela Waging Beauty: As the Polar Bear Dreams of Ice Michael T. Young 39(2/3):38
Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon Juliana Rausch 39(1):22
Greenstreet, Kate The End of Something Kristina Marie Darling 39(5):23
Hagan, Joe Sticky Fingers Jeffrey R. Di Leo 39(2/3):20
Hall, Stuart Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands Lawrence Grossberg 39(2/3):13
Hannah, Barry Airships Ryan Ridge 39(6):15
Hargreaves, Allison Violence Against Indigenous Women Sarah Deer 39(4):8
Harrison, Jim Dead Man's Float William Hastings 39(1):17
Held, George Phased II Michael T. Young 39(2/3):38
Herceg, Karen Corinne Out from Calaboose Beth McDermott 39(2/3):27
Heuring, Linda H. A Woman Walked into the Bar Rusty Barnes 39(5):17
Jampole, Marc Cubist States of Mind/Not the Cruelest Month Jeffrey Cyphers Wright 39(5):18
Jeffries, Stuart Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School Kenneth Surin 39(2/3):6
Johnson, Denis Jesus' Son Joseph Bates 39(6):15
Kearns, Rosalie Kingdom of Women Rachele Salvini 39(5):16
Kelleher, Michael Visible Instruments Jason Labbe 39(2/3):36
Kelsey, Karla Of Sphere Kristina Marie Darling 39(5):23
Kennedy, Adrienne He Brought Her Heart Home in a Box Brian Rhinehart 39(6):9
Kinkead, Maeve A Dangling House Stephanie Rauschenbusch 39(1):24
Kipnis, Laura Unwanted Advances Victoria Reynolds Farmer 39(4):10
Klin, Richard Petroleum Transfer Engineer Travis Mandell 39(6):18
LaPrade, Erik Neglected Powers Ilka Scobie 39(4):18
Lazarre, Jane The Communist and the Communist's Daughter Tomie Anne Bitton 39(4):16
Lee, Karen An-Hwei Sonata in K Pedro Ponce 39(1):14
Lev, Donald Focus Helane Levine-Keating 39(2/3):44
Machado, Carmen Maria Her Body and Other Parties Gabrielle Bellot 39(4):5
Mason, David The Scarlet Libretto Christopher Leise 39(2/3):37
McFarland, Scott O Human Microphone T. C. Marshall 39(2/3):31
McKibbens, Rachel blud Alysse Kathleen McCanna 39(6):25
Meads, Kat Miss Jane: The Lost Years Jane Rosenberg LaForge 39(5):24
Mehring, Reinhard Carl Schmitt: A Biography Ian Cook 39(2/3):9
Melehy, Hassan Kerouac: Language, Poetics, & Territory Regina Weinreich 39(1):16
Mendoza, Daniel M., ed. Stray...


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