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  • Index, Volume 58 (2018)

Abbott, Helen and Caroline Ardrey. “‘Mon gosier de métal parle toutes les langues’”: Translations and Transformations of Baudelaire in Black Metal Music,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 130–43.

Alessandroni, Giada, Sandra Daroczi, and Gemma Edney. “Introduction,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 1–8

Barda, Jeff. Forensic Poetics: Legal Documents Transformed into Strange Poems,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 86–102.

Bellarsi, Franca. “Jean Cocteau et le sang poétique de la Beat Generation,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 104–19.

Caporale, Marzia. “Creativity and the Feminine: Sexual Politics and Cinematic Aesthetics in Nadia El Fani’s Documentary-Making,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 81–95.

Daouda, Marie Kawthar. “Recréer au féminin au lendemain de la Décadence: Variations historiques sur la féminité sacrificielle chez Jean Bertheroy,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 9–22.

De Francesco, Alessandro. “Poetry as Artistic Practice,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 38–57.

Duckett, Victoria. “Cinematizing Theatre: Sarah Bernhardt, Gabrielle Réjane, and the Early French Double Feature Film,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 23–40.

Earle, Jason. “American Schizo: William Burroughs and Semiotext(e), 58:4 (Winter 2018), 134–48.

Finch-Race, Daniel and Valentina Gosetti. “Destabilizing the Other in Baudelaire-Bertrand-Rimbaud,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 48–58.

Fredrickson, Laurel. “Zineb Sedira: De-Colonialism and Creative Acts,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 96–111.

Game, Jérôme and Nina Parish. “Interview with Jérôme Game,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 135–41

Gubbins, Sarah. “Generic Baggage: Encountering Other People in “À une passante” and “Les veuves,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 8–16.

Guétemme, Geneviève. “Jacques Jouet: Poésie et monotype,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 12–27.

Harris, Oliver. “William Burroughs’ Cut-Ups Lost and Found in Translation,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 31–48.

Horner, Kierran. “Mother and Lover Equals Other: Varda’s Mortal Critique of the Feminine as Annex to the Masculine Subject,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 65–80.

Horton, James. “Mary Beach and Claude Pélieu’s Translations and Adaptions of Allen Ginsberg’s Work,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 49–63.

Hussey, Andrew. “From Bucharest to the Beat Hotel: Isidore Isou and the Lettrist Revolution on the Left Bank,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 76–88.

Jonsson, Andrea. “CACAphonie: Humor, the Ludic, and Motherhood in the Words of Slam Poet, RiM,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 126–39.

Labbé, Mathilde. “Baudelaire au centenaire des Fleurs du mal: Commémoration et lectures de circonstance,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 74–86.

Lane, Véronique. “Introduction: Materializing the ‘Eternal French Connexion,’” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 1–14.

Lane, Véronique. “Tristan Corbière’s Amours jaunes in Allen Ginsberg’s Early Poetry,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 89–103.

Lang, Abigail. “La réception française des objectivistes: Politique de la traduction,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 114–30.

Lynch, Eric. “Mediums of Intermedia: Spiritism and Poetic Form in Suzanne Doppelt, Sandra Moussempès, and Nathalie Quintane,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 71–85. [End Page 173]

Magno, Luigi. “Denis Roche ou de l’écriture ‘comme activité torsatoire,’” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 28–37.

Maury, Corinne. “The Creative Powers of the Everyday in Chantal Akerman’s Films,” 58:2 (Summer 2018), 56–64.

Melehy, Hassan. “Godard Gets the Blues: Movies, Music, and Baraka, 58:4 (Winter 2018), 149–67.

Moussempès, Sandra and Nina Parish. “Entretien avec Sandra Moussempès,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 131–34.

Newmark, Kevin. “Baudelaire’s Other Passer-by,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 17–31.

Parish, Nina and Emma Wagstaff, “Introduction,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 1–11.

Penot-Lacassagne, Olivier. “La Beat Generation en France: Avant-garde vs Underground,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 64–75.

Pinette, Susan. “Jack Kerouac’s French, American, and Quebecois Receptions: From Deterritorialization to Reterritorialization,” 58:4 (Winter 2018), 120–33.

Royère, Anne-Christine and Gaëlle Théval. “Le texte, le son, l’action dans les ‘litanies du banal’ d’Anne-James Chaton,” 58:3 (Fall 2018), 58–70.

Scott, Maria and Alexandra K. Wettlaufer. “Baudelaire and Other People,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 1–7.

Scott, Maria. “Baudelaire’s “L’étranger” and the Limits of Mind-Reading,” 58:1 (Spring 2018), 32–47.

St. Clair, Robert. Nature, the City, and Other Lyrical Material: Baudelaire with Rimbaud,” 58:1 (Spring...


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