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  • Index to American Quarterly, Volume 70, March 2018 to December 2018
Ambroise, Jason R., On Sylvia Wynter's Darwinian Heresy of the "Third Event" 847
Boyce-Davies, Carole, Occupying the Terrain: Re-Engaging "Beyond Miranda's Meanings: Un/Silencing the 'Demonic Ground' of Caliban's Woman" 837
Boyles, Christina, Anne Cong-Huyen, Carrie Johnston, Jim McGrath, and Amanda Phillips Precarious Labor and the Digital Humanities 693
Brown, Adrienne, Appraisal Narratives: Reading Race on the Midcentury Block 211
Brown, Ruth Nicole, Blair Ebony Smith, Jessica L. Robinson, and Porshé R. Garner, Doing Digital Wrongly 395
Buysse, Jordan, Alicia Caticha, Alyssa Collins, Justin Greenlee, Sarah McEleney, and Joseph Thompson, DASH-Amerikan: Keeping Up with the Social Media Ecologies of the Kardashians 609
Carpio, Genevieve, Toward a Digital Ethnic Studies: Race, Technology, and the Classroom 613
Chuh, Kandice, Pedagogies of Dissent 155
Cotera, María, Ňuestro Autohistoria: Toward a Chicana Digital Praxis 483
Cowan, T. L., "Run with Whatever You Can Carry": Cross-Platform Materials and Methods in Performance Studies–Meets–Digital Humanities 649
Cullen-Morales, Deborah, Circles and Circuits: An Overdue Reckoning with Chinese Contributions to Modern and Contemporary Caribbean Art (Event Review) 921
Fenton, Will, The Paxton Pamphlet War as a Viral Media Event 593
Gieseking, Jen Jack, Where Are We? The Method of Mapping with GIS in Digital Humanities 641
Guynes-Vishniac, Sean, The Zombie and Its Metaphors (Book Review) 903
Hamraie, Aimi, Mapping Access: Digital Humanities, Disability Justice, and Sociospatial Practice 455
He, Huan, Networks of Dissent (Event Review) 913
Heppler, Jason A., Renewing Inequality and Mapping Inequality (Digital Project Review) 721
Hill, Rebecca, A Hundred Years of Fake News (Book Review) 301
Ishii, Douglas S., On Japanese American Remembrance and the Liberal Limits of Dissenting Citizenship (Event Review) 335
Johnson, Jessica Marie, 4DH + 1 Black Code / Black Femme Forms of Knowledge and Practice 665
Kinney, Rebecca J., "America's Great Comeback Story": The White Possessive in Detroit Tourism 777
Kwon, Soo Ah, Notes on an Illiberal Pedagogical Mode 173
Laiola, Sarah Whitcomb, Markup as Behavior toward Risk: Reforming the Metanarratives of Metadata through Susan Howe's Metafictive Poetics 561
Larson, Doran, Witness in the Era of Mass Incarceration 597
Losh, Elizabeth, Against Mentoring 685
Losh, Elizabeth, Black History, State History, and Problems of Claiming Digital Middle Ground (Digital Project Review) 935
Lothian, Alexis, From Transformative Works to #transformDH: Digital Humanities as (Critical) Fandom 371
Lukes, H. N. and David J. Kim, Becoming Digital, Becoming Queer 625
Martinez, Monica Muñoz, Mapping Segregated Histories of Racial Violence 657
McDaniel, Byrd, Air Apparent: Amplifying the History of Air Guitar, Air Bands, and Air Playing in the Twentieth Century 807
McElroy, Erin, Countermapping Displacement and Resistance in Alameda County with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project 601
McElroy, Erin, The Digital Humanities, American Studies, and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project 701
McKittrick, Katherine, Frances H. O'Shaughnessy, and Kendall Witaszek Rhythm, or On Sylvia Wynter's Science of the Word 867
Medeiros, Benjamin, Regulating Freedom of Expression on Campus (Book Review) 315
Melamed, Jodi, The Proliferation of Rights-Based Capitalist Violence and Pedagogies of Collective Action 179
Merchant, Linda Garcia, Chicana Feminism Virtually Remixed 605
Parham, Marisa, Ninety-Nine Problems: Assessment, Inclusion, and Other Old-New Problems 677
Perreira, Christopher, Unsettling Archives: Cultures of Carceral States and Settler Logics (Book Review) 327
Phillips, Amanda, Survivance Confronts Collective Trauma with Community Response (Digital Project Review) 353
Ponce de León, Jennifer, Through an Anticolonial Looking Glass: On Restitution, Indigenismo, and Zapatista Solidarity in Raiders of the Lost Crown 1
Posner, Miriam and Marika Cifor, Generative Tensions: Building a Digital Project on Early African American Race Film 709
Reid, Tiana, The Shape of Poetics to Come: On Taking Up the Task of Criticism (Book Review) 139
Rodriguez, Anthony Bayani, Forum Introduction: On Sylvia Wynter and the Urgency of a New Humanist Revolution in the Twenty-First Century 831
Ruberg, Bonnie, Queer Indie Video Games as an Alternative Digital Humanities: Counterstrategies for Cultural Critique through Interactive Media 417
Rule, Elizabeth, Seals, Selfies, and the Settler State: Indigenous Motherhood and Gendered Violence in Canada 741
Scarlett, Sarah Fayen, Don Lafreniere, Daniel J. Trepal, John D. M. Arnold, and Robert Pastel, Engaging Community and Spatial Humanities for...


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