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  • Index — Volume 38, 2018
Arista, Noelani. Mo‘olelo and Mana: The Transmission of Hawaiian History from Hawai’i to the United States, 1836–1843 415
Asaka, Ikuko. Lucretia Mott and the Underground Railroad: The Transatlantic World of a Radical American Woman 613
Bell, Richard. Counterfeit Kin: Kidnappers of Color, the Reverse Underground Railroad, and the Origins of Practical Abolition 199
Cray, Robert. “The Most Valiant in Defense of His Country”: Andrew Jackson’s Bequest and the Politics of Courage, 1819–1857 231
Heerman, M. Scott. “Reducing Free Men to Slavery”: Black Kidnapping, the “Slave Power,” and the Politics of Abolition in Antebellum Illinois, 1830–1860 261
Farber, Hannah. State-Building After War’s End: A Government Financier Adjusts His Portfolio for Peace 67
Giguere, Joy M. “Too Mean to Live, and Certainly in No Fit Condition to Die”: Vandalism, Public Misbehavior, and the Rural Cemetery Movement 293
Gregory, Anthony. “Formed for Empire”: The Continental Congress Responds to the Carlisle Peace Commission 643
John, Richard R. The State Is Back In: What Now? 105
Lasser, Carol. Conscience and Contradiction: The Moral Ambiguities of Antebellum Reformers Marcus and Rebecca Buffum Spring 1
Lurie, Shira. Liberty Poles and the Fight for Popular Politics in the Early Republic 673
Moreshead, Ashley E. “Beyond All Ambitious Motives”: Missionary Memoirs and the Cultivation of Early American Evangelical Heroines 37
Quintana, Ryan A. Slavery and the Conceptual History of the Early U.S. State 77
Rieppel, Lukas. Hoaxes, Humbugs, and Frauds: Distinguishing Truth from Untruth in Early America 501
Ron, Ariel and Gautham Rao. Introduction: Taking Stock of the State in Nineteenth-Century America 61
Shamir, Milette. On the Uselessness of Knowledge: William F. Lynch’s “Interesting” Expedition to the Dead Sea 475
St. John, Rachel. State Power in the West in the Early American Republic 87
Skowronek, Stephen. Present at the Creation: The State in Early American Political History 95
Strang, Cameron. Perpetual War and Natural Knowledge in the United States, 1775–1860 387
Witgen, Michael. Seeing Red: Race, Citizenship, and Indigeneity in the Old Northwest 581
Zakim, Michael. Introduction: Knowledge and Its Uses 377
Zakim, Michael. The Political Geometry of Statistical Tables 445
Eastman, Carolyn. Introduction 119
Edwards, Laura F. Sarah Allingham’s Sheet and Other Lessons from Legal History 121
McNeur, Catherine. A Time to Reap: Environmental History in the Early Republic 149
Parkinson, Robert G. A Variety of Vivifying Experiences 531
Sesay, Chernoh M., Jr. Mapping Intersectionality, Imagining Music, and Excavating America’s African Archives 325
Baics, Feeding Gotham: The Political Economy and Geography of Food in New York, 1790–1860 (Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan) 713
Beckert and Rothman, eds., Slavery’s Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development (Christopher Clark) 736
Belko, Philip Pendleton Barbour in Jacksonian America: An Old Republican in King Andrew’s Court (Thomas J. Balcerski) 364
Bird, Press and Speech under Assault: The Early Supreme Court Justices, the Sedition Act of 1798, and the Campaign against Dissent (Matthew Crow) 169
Black, John Pendleton Kennedy: Early American Novelist, Whig Statesman, and Ardent Nationalist (Thomas J. Balcerski) 364
Bottiger, The Borderland of Fear: Vincennes, Prophetstown, and the Invasion of the Miami Homeland (Robert Michael Morrissey) 355
Brannon, From Revolution to Reunion: The Reintegration of the South Carolina Loyalists (Christina Carrick) 701
Brooks, Liberty Power: Antislavery Third Parties and the Transformation of American Politics (Nicholas P. Wood) 181
Bush, ed., Surveying the Early Republic: The Journal of Andrew Ellicott, U.S. Boundary Commissioner in the Old Southwest, 1796–1800 (Robert Paulett) 543
Butterfield, The Making of Tocqueville’s America: Law and Association in the Early United States (Williamjames Hull Hoffer) 175
Clapp, A Notorious Woman: Anne Royall in Jacksonian America (Christy L. Pottroff) 361
Cohen, Luxurious Citizens: The Politics of Consumption in Nineteenth-Century America (Charlene Boyer Lewis) 719
Crofts, Lincoln and the Politics of Slavery: The Other Thirteenth Amendment and the Struggle to Save the Union (Robert J. Cottrol) 373
Diemer, The Politics of Black Citizenship: Free African Americans in the Mid-Atlantic Borderland, 1817–1863 (Adam Malka) 370
Dillon and Drexler, eds., The Haitian Revolution and the Early United States: Histories, Textualities, Geographies (Wendy Wong Schirmer) 346
Dreisbach, Reading the Bible...


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