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Ethics & the Environment 23.1

Loving an Unfamiliar World: Dementia, Mental Illness, and Climate Change Katie McShane 1–16
Replacement and Irreversibility: The Problem with Ecological Restoration as Moral Repair Eric Katz 17–28
Ecological Crisis and the Problem of How to Inhabit a Norm Simon Lumsden 29–48
Animal Welfare and Environmental Ethics: It's Complicated Ian J. Campbell 49–70
Review of Debating Climate Ethics, by Stephen M. Gardiner & Daivid Weisbach Joshua D. McBee 71–78
Review of Mourning Nature, edited by Ashlee Cunsolo & Karen Landman Alan E. Stewart 79–86

Ethics & the Environment 23.2

Piers Stephens 1–2
Ecofeminist Teaching and Mentoring: Vicky Davion's Legacy Cecilia Herles 3–10
What's In A Name? In Defense of Ecofeminism (not Ecological Feminisms, Feminist Ecology, or Gender and the Environment): Or "Why Ecofeminism need not be Ecofeminine—But So What If It Is?" Chaone Mallory 11–35
Anthropocentrism, Logocentrism, and Neural Networks: Victoria Davion Prefigures Some Important Lessons from Nature Ronnie Hawkins 37–81
Defending the Defenders: Environmental Protectors, Climate Change and Human Rights Trish Glazebrook & Emmanuela Opoku 83–109

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