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In 2005 Francisco parra Luna, Manuel Fernández Nieto, and several of their colleagues at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid published a book titled El lugar de la Mancha es...El Quijote como un sistema de distancia/tiempos in which they argue that their interdisciplinary research has led them to identify the town of Villanueva de los Infantes as the specific “lugar de la Mancha” invoked by the narrator in the opening lines of part one of Don Quixote. Responding to this monographic study, James Iffland published a 2009 review article titled “Donde el lugar de la Mancha no está: Reflexiones sobre la interdisciplinaridad como diálogo de sordos.” A few years later, Parra Luna contacted the Cervantes journal to request the publication of a formal response (on the grounds that Iffland’s essay appeared in a collected volume rather than in an academic journal that might otherwise publish just such a response, as well as in light of Iffland’s position as a member of the Cervantes editorial board). In the spirit of academic debate, and in order to accommodate this request, the following pages contain a reprint of Iffland’s original review article (republished with his permission) along with Parra Luna and Fernández Nieto’s formal response. [End Page 163]



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