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Adelman, Jeremy: Empires, Nations, and Revolutions 1 73
Berges, Sandrine: Family, Gender, and Progress: Sophie de Grouchy and Her Exclusion in the Publication of Condorcet's Sketch of Human Progress 2 267
Broad, Jacqueline: Conway and Charleton on the Intimate Presence of Souls in Bodies. 4 571
Corrias, Anna: When the Eyes Are Shut: The Strange Case of Girolamo Cardano's Idolum in Somniorum Synesiorum Libri llll (1562) 2 179
Dewulf, Fons: Revisiting Hempel's 1942 Contribution to the Philosophy of History 3 385
Edelstein, Dan: Christian Human Rights in the French Revolution 3 411
Entin, Gabriel: Catholic Republicanism: The Creation of the Spanish American Republics during Revolution. 1 105
Gootjes, Albert: The First Orchestrated Attack on Spinoza: Johannes Melchioris and the Cartesian Network in Utrecht. 1 23
Greenberg, Udi and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins: Introduction: Special Forum on Christianity and Human Rights. 3 407
Greenberg, Udi: Catholics, Protestants, and the Tortured Path to Religious Liberty. 3 461
Hanebrink, Paul: An Anti-totalitarian Saint: The Canonization of Edith Stein. 3 481
Hesketh, Ian: John Robert Seeley, Natural Religion, and the Victorian Conflict between Science and Religion 2 309
Hickson, Michael W.: Pierre Bayle and the Secularization of Conscience 2 199
Hofer, Andrew, O.P., and Alan Piper, O.P.: Retracing the "Art of Arts and Science of Sciences" from Gregory the Great to Philo of Alexandria 4 507
Kim, Minchul: Volney and the French Revolution 2 221
Kravitz, Amit: Moral Comfort versus Tragic Downfall: Kant's Concept of the Dynamically Sublime and Schelling's Tragic Alternative 4 613
Menin, Marco: Paul et Virginie, or the Enigma of Evil: The Double Theodicy of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre 4 593
Morelli, Federica: Race, Wars, and Citizenship: Free People of Color in the Spanish American Independence 1 143
Ortega, Francisco A.: The Conceptual History of Independence and the Colonial Question in Spanish America. 1 89
Palti, Elías: Beyond the "History of Ideas": The Issue of the "Ideological Origins of the Revolutions of Independence" Revisited 1 125
Palti, Elías: Revising History: Introduction to the Symposium on the Bicentennial of the Latin American Revolutions of Independence. 1 65
Person, John: Japanese Right-Wing Discourse in International Context: Minoda Muneki's Interwar Writings on Class and Nation 4 615
Pimenta, Joäo Paulo: History of Concepts and the Historiography of the Independence of Brazil: A Preliminary Diagnosis 1 157
Ross, Tricia M.: Anthropologia: An (Almost) Forgotten Early Modern History 1 1
Rukgaber, Matthew: Immaterial Spirits and the Reform of First Philosophy: The Compatibility of Kant's pre-Critical Metaphysics with the Arguments in Dreams of a Spirit-Seer 3 363
Saccenti, Riccardo: The Ministerium Naturae: Natural Law in the Exegesis and Theological Discourse at Paris between 1160 and 1215. 4 527
Shortall, Sarah: Theology and the Politics of Christian Human Rights 3 445
Sireci, Fiore: "Writers Who Have Rendered Women Objects of Pity": Mary Wollstonecraft's Literary Criticism in the Analytical Review and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman 2 243
Steinmetz-Jenkins, Daniel and Kevin Brookes: The Many Liberalisms of Serge Audier 1 45
Stern, Eliyahu: Marx and the Kabbalah: Aaron Shemuel Lieberman's Materialist Interpretation of Jewish History 2 285
Terracciano, Pasquale: The Origen of Pico's Kabbalah: Esoteric Wisdom and the Dignity of Man 3 343
Woodhouse, Adam: Subjection without Servitude: The Imperial Protectorate in Renaissance Political Thought 4 547
Zubovich, Gene: American Protestants and the Era of Anti-racist Human Rights 3 427

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