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  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Janna Klostermann (bio)

There was something aboutthe way my yoga-loving,jog-on-your-lunch-break,public-servant friend Lauriespotted me plowing through amaple cream donut and cheered,    Aw, honey, good for you!There was something aboutthe way Mrs. Miracle Network TVJoyce Meyer heralded,    No scripting here; it's all    done by the Holy Spirit.There was something aboutthe way the captain of thePeterborough Petes whispered,after downing fourteen cansof cold-enough Coors Light,    We don't have to have sex,    but would you at least    give me a blow job?There was something aboutthe way Real Housewife ofBeverly Hills Lisa Vanderpumpbatted her eyelashes andannounced, unscripted, [End Page 281]     I wouldn't let any of my    waitresses burn to death.There was something aboutthe way my low budget,"pay what you can" therapistrolled her eyes and proclaimed,    Don't bother critiquing the    system if you can't even    meet your own needs.There was something aboutit all that made me realizeif I truly wanted power—power where there isutterly none to be had—I'd either have to startspeaking for the Holy Spiritand soliciting blow jobsor burning to death. [End Page 282]

Janna Klostermann

Janna Klostermann is a PhD student in Carleton University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Ottawa, Canada. She is researching the classed politics of everyday work, and is writing a collection of queer stories about care. Her work has appeared in Canadian Woman Studies, Literacy and Numeracy Studies, Our Times, Reading Sociology, Room, and Women & Environments. She can be reached at



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