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Marc F. Plattner and Larry Diamond

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Contents of Volume 29, 2018

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January 2018
Zoltan Barany, Burma: Suu Kyi’s Missteps 5
The Rise of Kleptocracy
  Christopher Walker and Melissa Aten, A Challenge for Democracy 20
  Oliver Bullough, The Dark Side of Globalization 25
  Alexander Cooley, John Heathershaw, and J.C. Sharman, Laundering Cash, Whitewashing Reputations 39
  Brett L. Carter, Autocrats versus Activists in Africa 54
  Cynthia Gabriel, Malaysia’s Missing Billions 69
  Miriam Lanskoy and Dylan Myles-Primakoff, Power and Plunder in Putin’s Russia 76
  Andrew Wedeman, Does China Fit the Model? 86
Cynthia McClintock, Reevaluating Runoffs in Latin America 96
Amichai Magen, Fighting Terrorism: The Democracy Advantage 111
Geoffrey Macdonald and Luke Waggoner, Dashed Hopes and Extremism in Tunisia Exchange 126
  Ben Margulies, Nativists Are Populists, Not Liberals 141
  Takis S. Pappas, How to Tell Nativists from Populists 148
Edward Aspinall, Allen Hicken, James Scambary, and Meredith Weiss, Timor-Leste Votes: Parties and Patronage 153
Books in Review
  Carl Gershman, The Case for Democratic Persistence 168
April 2018
William A. Galston, The Populist Challenge to Liberal Democracy 5
China in Xi’s “New Era” 20
  Susan L. Shirk, The Return to Personalistic Rule 22
  Minxin Pei, A Play for Global Leadership 37
  Shanthi Kalathil, Redefining Development 52
  John Fitzgerald, Overstepping Down Under 59
  Anne-Marie Brady, New Zealand and the CCP’s “Magic Weapons” 68
  Donald K. Emmerson, Singapore and Goliath 76
  Martin Hala, Forging a New “Eastern Bloc” 83
  Orville Schell, A Neglected Democratic Heritage 90
Yascha Mounk, The Undemocratic Dilemma 98
Eduardo Mello and Matias Spektor, Brazil: The Costs of Multiparty Presidentialism 113
The Freedom House Survey for 2017 128
  Michael J. Abramowitz and Sarah Repucci, Democracy Beleaguered
Besir Ceka, Macedonia: A New Beginning? 143
Michael Chege, Kenya’s Electoral Misfire 158
Books in Review
  Ladan Boroumand, Iran’s Exclusionary Republic 173
July 2018
Rached Ghannouchi, Islam and Democracy in Tunisia 5
Christopher Walker, What Is Sharp Power ? 9
Explaining Eastern Europe
  Jacques Rupnik, The Crisis of Liberalism 24
  Péter Krekó and Zsolt Enyedi, Orbán’s Laboratory of Illiberalism 39
  Wojciech Przybylski, Can Poland’s Backsliding Be Stopped? 52
  Jiri Pehe, Czech Democracy Under Pressure 65
  Grigorij Mesežnikov and Ol’ga Gyárfášová, Slovakia’s Conflicting Camps 78
  Venelin I. Ganev, “Soft Decisionism” in Bulgaria 91
  Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Romania’s Italian-Style Anticorruption Populism 104
  Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes, Imitation and Its Discontents 117
Roberto Stefan Foa, Modernization and Authoritarianism 129
Aurel Croissant, David Kuehn, and Tanja Eschenauer, Mass Protests and the Military 141
Benjamin J. Spatz and Kai M. Thaler, Has Liberia Turned a Corner? 156
Books in Review
  Sumit Ganguly, Enrolling India 171
October 2018
Francis Fukuyama, Why National Identity Matters 5
Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq, Democracy’s “Near Misses” 16
Latin America’s Shifting Politics
  Kenneth F. Greene and Mariano Sánchez-Talanquer, Mexico’s Party System Under Stress 31
  Forrest D. Colburn and Arturo Cruz S., The Fading of Costa Rica’s Old Parties 43
  Laura Gamboa, The Peace Process and Colombia’s Elections 54
  Alberto Vergara, Virtue, Fortune, and Failure in Peru 65
  Carlos de la Torre, Ecuador After Correa 77
  Jean-Paul Faguet, The Lessons of Bolivia 89
  Steven Levitsky, Democratic Survival and Weakness 102
Sophie Lemière, The Downfall of Malaysia’s Ruling Party 114
Christopher Carothers, The Surprising Instability of Competitive Authoritarianism 129
Richard Wike and Janell Fetterolf, Liberal Democracy’s Crisis of Confidence 136
Alexander Libman and Anastassia V. Obydenkova, Understanding Authoritarian Regionalism 151
Review Essay
  Tarek Masoud, Why Tunisia? 166

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