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  • "Tempsiabo"
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"Tempsiabo" is not merely a musical piece but rather a ritual of invocation to the female energy: a call to the Goddess. It came to me in a dream in 2006 in a language that I couldn't understand. I saw an orange temple with columns and a priestess wearing a beige cloth, her arms raised. She chanted this song over and over. Over the years since then, I keep on finding women all around the world who heard my song and remembered that we shared that life in that temple, thousands of years ago, in a land that disappeared: Lemuria.

A friend who understands Sanskrit and other dead languages helped me to reveal the meaning of a text that I transcribed as it sounded to me phonetically: "Tempsiabo khene lu, pots bos acrabat, kart ku klemmensus, bot klimistacules, no." He called me with urgency once he had translated it: "Come! I have it! It's amazing! You have to sing it with your chorus!" So I came, and I sat, and he revealed to me the important mission that the song had: "Between darkness and light will grow, O Goddess, your sacred illumination, and even the most powerful ones will bow down before you."

So please, work on this song with your choruses, but always in such a way that you show respect to the meaning of it. You only need a soprano solo, a three-part chorus, and lots of love.

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Sonia Megías

sonia megías was born in Almansa, Spain, in 1982. She was awarded a Fulbright to study at NYU Steinhardt from 2010 to 2012. Her music has been performed internationally, including the British Museum (London, 2018), the National Auditorium of Spain (Madrid, 2018), Women in Music Festival (Rome, 2018), Royal Theater's 200th birthday (Madrid, 2017), Festival Muchas Músicas (Argentina, 2017), SIAS University (China, 2017), the Juilliard School (New York, 2016), Symphony Space (New York, 2012), Festival Women in the Arts (Mexico, 2012) and the Opera Vista Festival (Houston, 2011). Currently, Sonia is working on her project Dúa de Pel.



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