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The Catholic Historical Review 87.2 (2001) 355-363

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THE PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, PATRICK W. CAREY, AFTER CONSULTATION WITH THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, HAS APPOINTED ELISABETH G. GLEASON, PROFESSOr emerita of history in the University of San Francisco, to the Committee on Corresponding Fellows for an indefinite term. Professor Gleason has taken the place of the late Martin J. Havran for early modern European history.

The Association's website has now been placed on the Internet and may be visited at

Meetings, Congresses, Conferences, Colloquia, and Lectures

Nicole Fontaine, president of the European Parliament, delivered a lecture at the Institut Catholique de Paris on March 29 on the "Célébration du 125ème anniversaire des cinq Instituts catholiques de France." A colloquium on "Université, Église, Culture: Les universités catholiques dans le monde (1815-1962)" will be held on April 23-25.

At the 169th consecutive meeting of the American Society of Church History, which was held in New Haven, Connecticut, on March 29-31, 2001, a session was devoted to "Penitence in the Age of Reform." Papers were read by Anne T. Thayer of Lancaster Theological Seminary ("What to Expect from One's Confessor: Preaching on Penitence on the Eve of the Reformation"). Ronald K. Rittgers of the Yale Divinity School ("Confession as an Interpretive Rubric for the German Reformation"), and Katharine J. Lualdi of Colby College ("The Glory of Paradise and the Punishments of Hell: Penitence and Parish Worship in Reformation France").

At the twenty-eighth annual Sewanee Mediaeval Colloquium, which will be held at the University of the South on April 6-7, 2001, Jonathan Riley-Smith of Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, will deliver two plenary lectures, viz., "Were the Templars Guilty?" and "The Structures of the Orders of the Temple and the Hospital in c. 1291." Among the others who will read papers are Daniel Callahan of the University of Delaware ("The Cross and the Jews in the Writings of Ademar of Chabannes"), Thomas F. Madden of Saint Louis University [End Page 355] ("Venice, the Papacy, and the Crusades before 1204"), Alfred Andrea of the University of Vermont ("Innocent III, the Fourth Crusade, and the End of Time"), and Kelly R. De Vries of Loyola College of Maryland ("The Failure of Philip the Good to Fulfill His Crusade Promise of 1454").

The theme of the forty-ninth study week of the Centro Italiano di Studi sull'Alto Medioevo, which will be held at Spoleto on April 19-24, 2001, will be "Roma fra Oriente e Occidente." Among the speakers will be Michael Lapidge of the University of Notre Dame ("The British Isles and Rome, 650-1050"), David Ganz of King's College, London ("Roman Manuscripts in France and England"), Herbert L. Kessler of the Johns Hopkins University ("The Memory of Rome in Early Medieval Art"), Nicholas P. Brooks of the University of Birmingham ("Rome and Canterbury: The Limits and Myth of Romanitas"), and Michael F. Hendy of Walmer, Kent ("East and West: The Transformation of Late Roman Financial Structures").

The Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association will hold its annual conference in Victoria, Texas, on April 27 and 28, 2001. The program will include a visit to the Rosario Mission site in Goliad and a presentation on restoration work being undertaken there and perhaps also a visit to various sites of Mission Espíritu Santo. Full information is available from the secretary and treasurer, Mary Davis, at 7617 Woodthrush Street, Dallas, Texas 75230; telephone: 214-363-7761.

The Institute of East-Central Europe (Lublin), the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (Kyiv, Ukraine), and the Research Society of East Central Europe (Kyiv) will sponsor an international conference on "Christianity in the Ukraine, Tenth to Twentieth Centuries," on May 23-28, 2001. It is intended to illustrate the rich traditions and the religious pluralism of the country and to stimulate a discussion in the wide comparative context of the history of Christianity, in both its Western and Eastern tradition. The organizers are Natalia Yakovenko of Kyiv and Borys...


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