This paper explores a potential opportunity of new apparel for millennial women specifically designed for travel. It examines the qualities of apparel desired by millennial women, as inspired by the tremendous success of athleisure wear, which has successfully integrated function and fashion in everyday style. I selected this topic based on my interest in travel and my experiences as a student abroad for four months this past year. It seemed to me that there is no apparel brand specifically addressing travel wear to incorporate the functional and fashionable benefits women travelers would appreciate, yet traveling is extremely popular for millennial women, who have the disposable spending to support a true travel brand.

By benchmarking the major trend in athleisure apparel, this paper researches the potential for brands to dramatically “reinvent” travel apparel. Using an online survey conducted with respondents sourced through a Qualtrics survey audience, the responses and results demonstrate the importance and relevance of this paper. The survey was conducted with over 300 women between 18 and 35 years old on the Pace University Pleasantville campus. The findings highlight a clear insight that travel wear reinvented has a promising opportunity.

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