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Alfaro-Shigueto, Joannasee Pajuelo et al.

Aliaga, Juan Antoniosee Araya et al.

Anderson, James J.—see Leo et al.

Araya, Juan Francisco, Juan Antonio Aliaga, and Darko D. Cotoras

  Rediscovery of Pacificella variabilis (Gastropoda: Achatinellidae) on Easter Island, 329–334

Astrongatt, Stephanesee Sadlier et al.


Balart, Eduardo F.—see Cabral-Tena et al.

Bavestrello, Giorgiosee Pica et al.

Bell, James J.—see Farnham and Bell

Bourgoin, Allainsee Buden and Bourgoin

Brooks, Samsee Questad et al.

Buden, Donald W.

  Dragonflies and Damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 373–387

Buden, Donald W., and Allain Bourgoin

  New Distribution Records of Cetaceans from the Federated States of Micronesia, 485–499

Bunjongsiri, Penpadsornsee Wonglom et al.

Bursey, Charles R.—see Goldberg et al.

Butôt, Rolandsee Hoeksema et al.


Cabral-Tena, Rafael A., David A. Paz-García, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla, Sergio S. González-Peláez, and Eduardo F. Balart

  Spatiotemporal Variability in Coral (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) Larval Recruitment in the Southern Gulf of California, 435–447

Cairns, Stephen D., Robert P. Stone, Hye-Won Moon, and Jong Hee Lee

  Primnoidae (Octocorallia: Calcaxonia) from the Emperor Seamounts, with Notes on Callogorgia elegans (Gray, 1870), 125–142

Camacho, Vicente A.—see Ha et al.

Castro, Cristinasee Félix et al.

Chen, Yongjiu, James Lusana, Zetan Xu, Jamel T. James, Zhenming Lü, and Shanggui Deng

  DNA Barcoding Reveals Identity of Mugilids (Teleostei: Mugiliformes) from the East China Sea along the Coast of Zhejiang, China, 423–434

Christensen, Carl C., Jennifer G. Kahn, and Patrick V. Kirch

  Nonmarine Mollusks from Archaeological Sites on Mo‘orea, Society Islands, French Polynesia, with Descriptions of Four New Species of Recently Extinct Land Snails (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Endodontidae), 95–123

Clause, Adam G., Nunia Thomas-Moko, Sialisi Rasalato, and Robert N. Fisher

  All Is Not Lost: Herpetofaunal “Extinctions” in the Fiji Islands, 321–328

Cordell, Susan

  —see Rayome et al.

  —see Questad et al.

Coria-Monter, Erik, María Adela Monreal-Gómez, David Alberto Salas de León, and Elizabeth Durán-Campos

  Impact of the “Godzilla El Niño” Event of 2015–2016 on Sea-Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a in the Southern Gulf of California, Mexico, as Evidenced by Satellite and In Situ Data, 411–422

Cotoras, Darko D.—see Araya et al.

Crow, Susan E.—see Davis et al.

Cruz, Justine B.—see Ha et al.


Davis, Alisa A., Christopher A. Lepczyk, Katherine H. Haman, Clifford W. Morden, Susan E. Crow, Nicole Jensen, and Michael T. Lohr

  Toxoplasma gondii Detection in Fecal Samples from Domestic Cats (Felis catus) in Hawai‘i, 501–511

Delrieu-Trottin, Erwan, Valentina Neglia, Magali Verducci, and Serge Planes

  Origin, Genetic Diversity, and Population History of a Marine Population (Chanidae: Chanos chanos) in an Enclosed Lagoon in French Polynesia, 223–231

Deng, Shangguisee Chen et al.

Drake, Donald R.

  —see Hays et al.

  —see Shay and Drake

Dunn, William O.—see Trianni et al.

Durán-Campos, Elizabethsee Coria-Monter et al.


Easton, Erin E., Javier Sellanes, and Matthias Gorny

  First Record of the Yellowfin Soldierfish, Myripristis chryseres Jordan & Evermann, 1903, in the Easter Island Ecoregion, 143–148


Falinski, Kim, and David...


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