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Introductory Remarks by NAAIMS President Special Inaugural Issue Sectarianism in Islam and Muslim Communities Guest Editors Jon Mandaville Katherine Bullock Portland State University University of Toronto Portland, OR Mississauga, Canada The Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies (JIMS) is the official bi-annual publication of the North American Association of Islamic and Muslims Studies (NAAIMS). The journal’s goal is to expand and develop a multidisciplinary repertoire of scholarship on the study of Islam and Muslims. Professor Vincent Cornell (Emory University) will begin his tenure as JIMS Editor-in-Chief on August 1, 2016: our inaugural issue (May 2016) will be under the editorial directionofNAAIMSPresident(JonMandaville)andVicePresident(Katherine Bullock). Each bi-annual issue will include five sections to help disseminate knowledge from interdisciplinary perspectives regarding Islam and the Muslim world through the lived diverse experience of Muslims. The five sections are: Scholarly Research Papers; Book Reviews; Film Reviews; a Discussion and Debate Forum which will serve as a blog; and Conference Reports. AnalyzingvarioussourcespertainingtotheoriginsofsectarianismintheMuslim world will be the focus of our inaugural issue: different worlds, including the international landscape of Muslim societies, are built by language and wordchoices . This issue will include research papers presented at NAAIMS 44th Annual Conference on “Sectarianism in Islam and Muslim Communities” cosponsored by Brown University, Providence, RI (September 19, 2015). Sincerely, Jon Mandaville Professor Emeritus - Portland State University, OR ...


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