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  • Index to Volume 111

The Index exhibits separately: (I) Contributors; (II) Contents, arranged with reference to the main types of material appearing in the journal. Certain conventions, e.g., that of indicating reviewers by enclosing their names in parentheses immediately after the designation of books reviewed, will be familiar from earlier volumes. Reviews are regularly listed by name of modern author, editor, translator, etc.


R. J. Ball, 587; P. Barrios-Lech, 485; K. R. Bradley, 143; W. W. Briggs, 53; S. Butler, 595.

C. H. Caldwell III, 253; S. Casali, 55; C. Catenaccio, 146; C. Chinn, 444; J. H. Clark, 281; R. J. Clark, 57; J. J. Clauss, 61, 549; W. R. Connor, 165; S. E. Constantinidis, 443; A. Crisà, 141.

C. M. X. Dance, 144; F. K. Drogula, 589; A. R. Dyck, 599.

K. Ehrhardt, 207.

J. Farrell, 62.

K. Galinsky, 73; J. Gerrish, 351; C. Gillespie, 139; D. W. Graham, 433.

S. P. Haley, 592; M. Hanses, 582; S. J. Harrison, 76; J. D. Hejduk, 1; J. Hilton, 525; P. Hunt, 152.

R. Jenkyns, 79; W. R. Johnson, 83.

C. Kallendorf, 84; S. Kendall, 439; D. F. Kennedy, 88; T. D. Kohn, 269; D. Konstan, 275.

I. Lada-Richards, 371; P. A. Leven, 268; M. P. Loar, 405; T. S. Luke, 594.

E. Macaulay-Lewis, 448; W. E. Major; C. Martindale, 90; M. C. Mascio, 227; J. Master, 278; C. C. Mattusch, 446; B. McCarthy, 274; E. K. Moodie, 321.

S. Nelson, 442; A. Novokhatko, 583.

J. J. O’Hara, 47; T. M. O’Sullivan, 267.

M. E. Palmer, 503; N. B. Pandey, 7; M. Pavlo, 177; B. Pavlock, 150; C. G. Perkell, 94; J. S. Perry, 271; A. Powell, 96; L. Pratt, 148; M. C. J. Putnam, 101.

D. M. Ratzan, 590; J. Reed, 103; G. Reger, 596; A. M. Riggsby, 581.

P. Salzman-Mitchell, 598; M. Segev, 295; J. P. Sickinger, 273; D. Sider, 280; J. B. Solodow, 449; S. Spence, 106; H.-P. Stahl, 108.

C. Taylor, 156; R. F. Thomas, 115; Z. Torlone, 27, 277; J. Tralau, 459.

R. Van Dam, 285; M. Van De Mieroop, 149.

C. Weber, 120; E. Wilson, 283; J. Wilson, 585; S. F. Wiltshire, 123.

L. Yarrow, 440.

J. E. G. Zetzel, 125, 154.


P. Barrios-Lech: The Place, the Pimp, the Profit: Puns on the Procurer’s Name in Plautus’ Poenulus: 485.

W. W. Briggs: What the Harvard School Has Taught Me: 53.

C. H. Caldwell III: The Third-Century Usurpation and Fourth-Century Burial of Aureolus: 253.

S. Casali: Elective Affinities: The Harvard School at Pisa at the End of the Eighties: 55.

R. J. Clark: Optimism and the Pessimism of the Harvard School: Contrasting Perspectives: 57. [End Page 609]

J. J. Clauss: Harvard Classics and the Harvard School: 61.

J. J. Clauss: “Now my charms are all o’erthrown”: Intertextuality and the Theme of Succession and Replacement in Clash of the Titans (1981): 549.

W. R. Connor: Pericles on Democracy: Thucydides 2.37.1: 165.

K. Ehrhardt: A Mixed Place: The Pastoral Symposium of Horace, Odes 1.17: 207.

J. Farrell: The Harvard School(s) and Latin Poetry, 1977–91: A Bildungserinnerung: 62.

K. Galinsky: Reflections of an Infidel: 73.

J. Gerrish: Heroic Resonances in Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum 5: 351.

S. J. Harrison: A Voyage Around the Harvard School: 76.

J. D. Hejduk: Introduction: Reading Civil War: 1.

J. Hilton: Nomos, Physis, and Ethnicity in the Emperor Julian’s Interpretation of the Tower of Babel Story: 525.

R. Jenkyns: The Conversation of Gentlemen: 79.

W. R. Johnson: On the Harvard School Forty Years After: 83.

C. Kallendorf: The Harvard School and the Problem of History: 84.

D. F. Kennedy: Voices in Conflict: 88.

I. Lada-Richards: “Closing Up” on Animal Metamorphosis: Ovid’s Micro-Choreographies in the Metamorphoses and the Corporeal Idioms of Pantomime Dancing: 371.

M. P. Loar: Sexual Graffiti in the House of Marcus Lucretius in Pompeii (IX.3.5, 24): 405.

C. Martindale: Mending the Well-Wrought Urn: 90.

M. C. Mascio: Aristippus, Ulysses, and the Philosophus Polutropos in Horace Epistles, Book 1: 227.

E. K. Moodie: In Defense of Milphio: Aggressive Puns and...


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