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  • Rebecca Scarborough
  • Judith P. Hallett, Nicole Love, David McDonald, Benjy Shyovitz, and Jordan Smith

Si scientia lux est animi,1 tum animus luculentissimus est huius feminae scientissimae. Se dedicavit linguis docendis, et Latinorum et insulae Britannorum; a multis propter sua studia de discendo, ut sermonem secundum, linguam Britannorum est laudata; praeterea, reficiendis operibus antiquis ipsa Minerva habet aemulam2. Gradus Baccalaureae [End Page 577] et Magistrae Artium meruit apud universitatem primae civitatis3 ubi historiam, linguas Britannorum et Hispanorum, educationemque adulescentium quoque exploravit. Postea, Columnas Herculis ingressa, flumine Oceani lato transito, ad Hispaniam venit ut granatum sapientiae gustaret4. Apud academiam honorantem equitem qui pro libertate civitati suae suffragium tulit5 viginti et quattuor annos docuit; postea, ad caerulearum gallinarum pugnantium domum regressa,6 nunc studium linguarum instruit. Columna societatis classicae suae, causam nostram multum locupletavit. Plaudamus igitur Rebecca Scarborough.

If knowledge is the light of the mind, then the mind of this most knowledgeable woman is flooded with light. She has dedicated herself to teaching languages (both Latin and English); she has earned praise from many for her research on learning English as a second language; were that not enough, Minerva herself considers her a rival in restoring antiques. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts degrees at the University of Delaware with minors in history, English, Spanish, and Secondary Education. Many years later, after crossing the Atlantic and passing through the Straits of Gibraltar, she journeyed to Spain so as to taste the fruit of knowledge. She taught Latin and English at Caesar Rodney High School for 24 years; now, having returned to her alma mater, she teaches linguistics. A pillar of the Delaware Classical Society, she has immensely enriched the cause of Latin study. Therefore, let us applaud Rebecca Scarborough. [End Page 578]

Judith P. Hallett, Nicole Love, David McDonald, Benjy Shyovitz, and Jordan Smith
University of Maryland, College Park


1. Motto of the University of Delaware: Scientia lux animi est (“Knowledge is the light of the mind”).

2. Since 1974, she has owned and operated “Trunks to Treasures”, selling and refurbishing antiques.

3. The University of Delaware; Delaware’s nickname is “The First State”.

4. As a summer school student at the University of Granada, Spain.

5. Caesar Rodney High School; Caesar Rodney, who gallops upon Delaware’s state quarter, rode 70 miles through a thunderstorm on July 1, 1776 to break the Delaware delegation’s deadlock in the Continental Congress, thereby allowing his state to join the others in favor of independence.

6. The Fighting Blue Hens, mascot of the University of Delaware.



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