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  • Kenneth Meehan, S.J
  • Michael Kubik, Marissa Krmpotich, Elliott Rebello, and Judith P. Hallett

Igitur gaudeamus hodie1 et laudemus magistrum piissimum et discipulis et Deo. Eductus et educatus in urbe dulcedinis,2 hic adhuc adulescens ordinem vestium nigrarum3 iunxit ut homines pro aliis4 aleret et curas personales nutriret.5 Studiis in universitate accipitrum6 ad maiorem Dei gloriam7 perfectis, vitam eruditionis incepit. Quattuor et viginti annos tirones viae oculi8 grammaticam ad studia difficiliora praeparanda magna cum patientia docebat. Diu clarissimos et acerrimos discipulos exercebat dum certaminibus de omni genere scientiae intererant; erat quidem ita felix ut sua manus aquilorum9 semel vicerit quosque adversarios in urbe. Una cum comite “doctore” Belloviro hic pater in amore linguae Latinae communicando totam vitam egitque duces futuros in patriae capite docebat. Plaudamus igitur Pater Kenneth Meehan, Societatis Iesu.

Today let us rejoice and praise a teacher most devoted to both his students and to God. Born and raised in Baltimore, he joined the Jesuit order at a young age in order to foster men for others and care for individuals. Having completed his studies at Loyola University, he embarked on his career in education. For twenty-four years, he taught grammar with great patience to Gonzaga students in preparation for their future studies. He trained the brightest and sharpest students as they participated in the It’s Academic challenge; in fact, he was so successful that his Gonzaga once won the championship. Along with his friend “Doc” Warman, this priest has spent his entire life sharing his love for the Latin [End Page 575] language and teaching future leaders in our nation’s capitol. Let us thus applaud Fr. Kenneth Meehan, S.J.

Michael Kubik, Marissa Krmpotich, Elliott Rebello, and Judith P. Hallett
University of Maryland, College Park


1. Gaudeamus Hodie is a Latin hymn.

2. Baltimore is known as Charm City.

3. When the Jesuits first came to America, they were known to the native inhabitants as the “Black Robes.”

4. The stated goal of the Jesuits is the formation of “Men and Women for Others.”

5. Ignatian pedagogy revolves around cura personalis or concern for each individual student.

6. St. Joseph’s University’s mascot is the Hawk.

7. The Jesuit motto is ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

8. Gonzaga College High School is famously located on I Street; its students are known as the “men of Eye Street.”

9. Gonzaga’s sports teams are known as the Eagles.



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