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Asch, Chris Myers and George Derek Musgrove. Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017.
Brill, Kristen, ed. The Diary of a Civil War Bride: Lucy Wood Butler of Virginia. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2017.
Bruckner, Martin. The Social Lives of Maps in America, 1750–1860. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017.
Craig, Berry. Kentucky's Rebel Press: Pro-Confederate Media and the Secession Crisis. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2017.
Farrelly, Maura Jane. Anti-Catholicism in America, 1620–1860. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
Hager, Christopher. I Remain Yours: Common Lives in Civil War Letters. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2017.
Hewitt, Lawrence Lee and Thomas E. Schott, eds. Confederate Generals in the Western Theater: Essays on America's Civil War, Vol. 4. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2018.
Jordan, Jim. The Slave-Trader's Letter-Book: Charles Lamar, The Wanderer, and Other Tales of the African Slave Trade. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2018.
Keating, Ryan W., ed. The Greatest Trials I Ever Had: The Civil War Letters of Margaret and Thomas Cahill. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2017.
Kent, Holy M. Her Voice Will Be on the Side of Right: Gender and Power in Women's Antebellum Antislavery Fiction. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2017.
Lindsey, Rachel McBride. A Communion of Shadows: Religion and Photography in Nineteenth-Century America. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017.
Ohls, Gary J. American Amphibious Warfare: The Roots of Tradition to 1865. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2017.
Park, Benjamin E. American Nationalisms: Imagining Union in the Age of Revolutions, 1783–1833. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
Seigler, Robert S. The Best Gun in the World: George Woodward Morse and the South Carolina State Military Works. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2017.
Walsh, Camille. Racial Taxation: Schools, Segregation, and Taxpayer Citizenship, 1869–1973. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2018.
Washington, John E. They Knew Lincoln. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. Originally published in 1942. [End Page 559]


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