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  • Minutes of the Business Meeting Charles Sanders Peirce Society

Friday, January 6, 2017, 1:30–4:30 p.m.
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel; Baltimore MD, U.S.A.
[as approved on January 4, 2018]

Chair: André De Tienne (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

André De Tienne called the meeting to order at 3:18 p.m. He began by recognizing the passing of Peirce scholars in the last year, especially Hilary Putnam, Umberto Eco, Daniel D. Merrill, and Jeremy H. Peirce, the son of Herbert Peirce, who passed in 2015. The Society recognizes its indebtedness to these friends and the work of these great scholars.

1. Approval of minutes of the 2016 meeting (André De Tienne)

De Tienne asked whether there were any corrections to minutes. Martin Irvine moved to approve. Cornelis de Waal seconded. Hearing no objections, the minutes were approved.

2. Report from the Executive Committee (André De Tienne)

The meeting began at 2:20 p.m. Present were André De Tienne, Robert C. Neville, and Richard Kenneth Atkins.

Sending their regrets were Ahti-Viekko Pietarinen, Gesche Linde, and Cornelis de Waal.

  1. 1. The first topic for consideration was the status of the new website design. Over the last two years, Jérôme Vogel has worked tirelessly to design a new website for the Peirce Society. The members of the Executive Committee have nothing but high praise for its intuitive interface and attractive design.

    1. a. The Executive Committee will work with Jérôme to ensure that all information of the website is up-to-date before it is made live.

    2. b. Mats Bergman, on behalf of Commens, has kindly offered to have an RSS feed on the website with news pertaining to publications and conferences. Provided that adding it to the website is feasible, the Executive Committee supports doing so.

    3. c. Also, the Executive Committee will consult with the Outreach Committee on the question of whether and how we might add a community-driven database on which users might share other online resources. The Peirce Society website does not ambition to become a hub competing with other Peirce hubs, but to be a reliable source of pointers or links to places that are worthwhile. [End Page 114]

  2. 2. The second topic under discussion was the development and improvement of international partnerships. Following recommendations made by the Outreach Committee:

    1. a. The Executive Committee shall endeavor to organize sessions on Peirce’s philosophy in relationship to other philosophical traditions, such as Chinese philosophy and Continental philosophy, and other areas of study, such as theology.

    2. b. Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee will reach out to other Peirce-related Societies and ask them for reports on their activities that we can share with members of the Peirce Society.

    3. c. The Peirce Society shall ask the International Advisory Board to reach out to local scholars to submit essays to the annual Peirce Essay Contest, about which more shall be said later.

  3. 3. The third item was updates on various digitization projects.

    The Executive Committee is pleased and encouraged to learn of the various projects undertaken to preserve, promote, and share Peirce’s works. We received updates on the SPIN project, being spearheaded by Jeffrey Downard and Terry Moore, to design and implement a community-driven, computer-based, scalable interface to transcribe Peirce’s works. André De Tienne reported on his conversations with the Digital Peirce Archive and their efforts to digitize Peirce’s papers. Following long-standing practice, the Peirce Society encourages all such projects but does not favor any over others.

  4. 4. The fourth item for discussion was membership.

    The Executive Committee is concerned about declining membership in the Peirce Society even as our social media presence increases. We believe we need to improve outreach to new and previous members of the Society.

    1. a. In an effort to centralize outreach, the Secretary-Treasurer has reserved a new email address——and will begin migrating addresses from the previous email list and combining it with the current and most recent membership lists.

    2. b. In the upcoming year, the Executive Committee will take up the question of how best to separate membership dues from subscription dues...


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