Milton's influence on Melville's fiction and poetry was already well-established by scholars using traditional methods to study literary influence prior to the emergence of Melville's personal copy of The Poetical Works of John Milton in the late 1980s. The publication of Melville's marginalia to The Poetical Works in 2002 generated significant new scholarship. Yet the textual evidence of his marginalia has not received the attention it merits due to limited access to The Poetical Works, a tendency to privilege annotations over other marked content, and the inherent difficulty of reading the content of specific marked passages in the context of Melville's attention to thematic patterns and stylistic features that run throughout Milton's poetic oeuvre. The 2015 publication of Melville's marginalia in The Poetical Works at Melville's Marginalia Online and the emergence of new techniques of digital analysis now make it possible for readers to trace Melville's attention to multiple dimensions of Milton's poetry throughout his career.


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