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  • Mamashayne
  • Shirley Adelman (bio)

Bubbie called the baby, eyed and blond,like Bubbie’s sister,  Charna,standing tall in the familyphotograph beforethe pogrom when she—went up in smoke—with her husband—and—three daughters.

Holding her granddaughter,Bubbie looked young,her eyes bright as thoughshe could see:Mamashayne’s future,in Israel——A mother of three sons,she dreams in Hebrew,dreams Bubbie dreamed  for her.

In blessed memory of my mother, Chaika AdelmanIn tribute to my niece, Hannah Adelman Komy [End Page 111]

Shirley Adelman

Shirley Adelman is a writer of poetry and creative non-fiction. Her work has been published in academic, literary, feminist and medical humanities journals in the United States, Canada and South Africa. Most recently, her work has appeared in Cell 2 Soul, Kaleidoscope: The Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts, Blue Collar Review and Jewish Currents. Much of her writing deals with issues of social justice, both historical and present. She is the mother of Haim and Rachel and the Bubbie of Maya and Avi, and Zane of blessed memory.



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