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  • REVIEWS in This Issue

REVIEWS in This Issue:

V. Azoulay, The Tyrant-Slayers of Ancient Athens: A Tale of Two Statues (C. C. Mattusch), 446.
S. Casali (ed.), Virgilio, Eneide 2: Introduzione, traduzione e commento (J. B. Solodow), 449.
K. Gervais, Statius, Thebaid 2: Edited with an Introduction, Translation, and Commentary (C. Chinn), 444.
A. Laks and G. W. Most (eds. and trs.), Early Greek Philosophy, Volume I: Introductory and Reference Materials. Volume II: Beginnings and Early Ionian Thinkers, Part 1. Volume III: Early Ionian Thinkers, Part 2. Volume IV: Western Greek Thinkers, Part 1. Volume V: Western Greek Thinkers, Part 2. Volume VI: Later Ionian and Athenian Thinkers, Part 1. Volume VII: Later Ionian and Athenian Thinkers, Part 2. Volume VIII: Sophists, Part 1. Volume IX: Sophists, Part 2 (D. W. Graham), 433.
E. E. Poehler, The Traffic Systems of Pompeii (E. Macaulay-Lewis), 448.
W. Puchner, Greek Theatre Between Antiquity and Independence: A History of Reinvention from the Third Century b. c. to 1830 (S. E. Constantinidis), 443.
F. Santangelo, Marius (S. Kendall), 439.
Z. Stamatopoulou, Hesiod and Classical Greek Poetry: Reception and Transformation in the Fifth Century b. c. e. (S. Nelson), 442.
M. Toher (ed. and tr.), Nicolaus of Damascus: The Life of Augustus and The Autobiography (L. Yarrow), 440. [End Page 451]


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