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[The current bibliography aspires to include all serious contributions to Hemingway scholarship. Given the substantial quantity of significant critical work appearing on Hemingway's life and writings annually, inconsequential items from the popular press have been omitted to facilitate the distinction of important developments and trends in the field. Annotations for articles appearing in The Hemingway Review have been omitted due to the immediate availability of abstracts introducing each issue. Kelli Larson welcomes your assistance in keeping this feature current. Please send reprints, clippings, and photocopies of articles, as well as notices of new books, directly to Larson at the University of St. Thomas, 333 JRC, 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105-1096. E-Mail:]

Kelli A. Larson
University of St. Thomas


Bean, Kendra and Anthony Uzarowski. Ava: A Life in Movies. Philadelphia, PA: Running P, 2017. [Biography of Ava Gardner with scattered references to her friendship with EH. Comments on her roles in the film productions of "The Killers," "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," and SAR.]
Paul, Steve. Hemingway at Eighteen: The Pivotal Year That Launched an American Legend. Chicago, IL: Chicago Review P, 2018. [Detailed biography chronicling the events, experiences, and people of this formative year in the young writer's life. Paul covers EH's six month stint as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star, later service in the Red Cross ambulance division in Italy during WWI, and subsequent wounding. Paul, a former Star re-porter and editor, explores the influence of EH's newspaper apprenticeship on his developing vision as an author and identifies un-bylined EH articles based on an examination of style and content. Includes over twenty black-and-white photographs along with endnotes, index, and bibliography. Reprints three Star articles. Draws on existing biographies, correspondence, John F. Kennedy Library archives, and other sources.] [End Page 165]


Anderson, Eric Gary and Melanie Benson Taylor. "The Landscape of Disaster: Hemingway, Porter, and the Soundings of Indigenous Silence." Texas Studies in Literature and Language 59.3 (Fall 2017): 319-52. [Comparison study identifying EH as a southern writer despite critical reluctance to envision him as such. Examines how each author submerges personal wounding and cultural trauma in their writings about place, specifically focusing on the intersection of Indians and modernism. Concludes that EH's experiments with "indigeneity," though sometimes demonstrating settler colonial impulses, also acknowledge the presence of Indians through their decipherable silence. Discusses EH's "Indian Camp," "Ten Indians," "Big Two-Hearted River," "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber," THHN, and Porter's "Pale Horse, Pale Rider," among others.]
Araki, Hirohiko. "Learn Storytelling from Hemingway." Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga. Trans. Nathan A. Collins. San Francisco, VIZ Media, 2017. 106-08. [Guide for aspiring authors. Araki illustrates the writing principle of "show, don't tell" through a brief examination of the criminals' dialogue in "The Killers."]
Bass, Eleanor. "Ernest Hemingway and Agnes von Kurowsky." Yours Always: Letters of Longing. London: Icon Books, 2017. 102-07. [Briefly sums up the familiar circumstances surrounding EH's affair with Red Cross nurse Agnes von Kurowsky. Reprints both von Kurowsky's "Dear John" letter and EH's letter to friend Bill Horne detailing his painful response to their breakup.]
Cirino, Mark and Amanda Kay Oaks. "Wise Blood: Menstruation, Fertility, and the 'Disappointment' in Hemingway's Across the River and into the Trees." The Hemingway Review 37.1 (Fall 2017): 55-66.
Crews, Michael Lynn. "Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)." Books Are Made Out of Books: A Guide to Cormac McCarthy's Literary Influences. Austin, TX: U of Texas P, 2017. 263. [Comments on McCarthy's reference to EH's hawk metaphor in MF in his unpublished screenplay Whales and Men.]
Dandeles, Gregory M. "You Give Them Money, They Give You a Stuffed Dog: Modernism and Survival in The Sun Also Rises." Great War Modernism: Artistic Response in the Context of War, 1914-1918. Ed. Nanette Norris. Lanhan, MD: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2016. 133-43. [Reading the novel's treatment of trauma through the lens of Nietzsche's The...


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