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Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

Oct. 16: Israel launched a retaliatory airstrike on a Syrian antiaircraft battery located 30 miles east of Damascus. The counterattack, which resulted in the destruction of the antiaircraft unit, occurred just two hours after the battery had fired at an Israeli aircraft patrolling Lebanese airspace. Syria claimed that the Israeli plane had violated Syrian airspace along the Lebanon-Syria border. The attack marked the first time that an Israeli aircraft flying over Lebanon had been targeted by Syria in 2017. [Guardian, JP, 10/16]

Oct. 17: Israel announced that it would not engage in peace talks with a Palestinian government that included the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), unless seven conditions set forth by Israel were met by the Palestinian Authority (PA). The list included demands for Hamas to disarm, for the PA to have total control of the Gaza Strip, and for Hamas to recognize Israel’s statehood. A PA spokesperson said that Israel’s statement would not affect the October 12 deal reached between Hamas and Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah), the ruling party of the PA, and that the terms of their agreement would proceed as planned — including the transfer of administrative control from Hamas to the PA in Gaza. [Reuters, 10/17]

Oct. 19 Hamas announced that it would uphold its refusal to disarm, sever relations with Iran, and recognize Israel, effectively rejecting the demands that Israel had set forth two days prior. Hamas stated that it had refused to accept Israel’s conditions in part because of Israel’s and the United States’ negative responses to the announcement of the unity deal. Hamas added that its decision was also prompted by the fact that the PA had yet to retract the sanctions that it had imposed on Gaza, even though it had promised to do so. Hamas and Fatah, which had originally reached a unity agreement in 2006, had reached a new deal on October 12. [Haaretz, 10/19]

Oct. 21: Israel struck three separate Syrian artillery cannons in response to five rockets that were launched from Syria into the Golan Heights earlier that day. The rockets landed in open territory and were initially thought to be inadvertent. However, shortly after the attack Israeli defense minister Avigdor Liberman accused the Lebanese Shi‘i militia Hizbullah of firing the rockets in an international attack against Israel and called for Syrian president Bashar al-Asad and Russian forces operating in Syria to constrain the organization. [JP, 10/21; Haaretz, 10/23]

Oct. 30: Israel discovered and destroyed a tunnel that Hamas had been digging from Gaza into Israel, killing seven Palestinians who were inside the tunnel. Hamas had dug [End Page 287] dozens of tunnels into Israel during the 2014 Gaza war in order to target Israelis, which prompted Israel to construct a $1.1 billion underground wall along the de facto border with Gaza. The discovery of the tunnel came days after Hamas rejected Israel’s demand that the group disarm. [NYT, 10/30]

Nov. 1: Israel hit a copper factory located approximately 20 miles south of the Syrian city of Homs in an airstrike that resulted in Syrian government forces launching a surface-to-air missile toward the Israeli aircraft in retaliation. No aircraft damages or casualties were reported. Israel had reportedly been targeting a military rocket manufacturing site. [Reuters, 11/1]

Nov. 11: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that it had intercepted and shot down a Syrian spy drone that was flying over the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. The IDF also stated that it was checking to see if the drone was in any way connected to Iran — whose intervention in...


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