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  • Victorian Poetry IndexVolume 55, 2017
127 Veronica Alfano
Technologies of Forgetting: Phonographs, Lyric Voice, and Rossetti’s Woodspurge
451 Emily A. Bernhard-Jackson
“Like Two Pigeons in One Nest, Like Two Seedlings in One Capsule”: Reading Goblin Market in Conjunction with Victorian Twin Discourse
189 Janis McLarren Caldwell
Observing the Dead in Michael Field’s Ekphrastic Poetry
471 Laura H. Clarke
Gathering Sense from Song: Robert Browning and the Romantic Epistemology of Music
259 Mariaconcetta Costantini
Food Metaphors in Gerard Manley Hopkins
423 Victoria Coulson
Redemption and Representation in Goblin Market: Christina Rossetti and the Salvific Signifier
517 David Cowles
Wandering between Ten Worlds: Morris’s Guenevere Poems and the Failure of Discourse
287 Susanne Hillman
A Nightmare of Disorder: Arthurian Civilization and Its Discontents in Tennyson’s Idyll “Balin and Balan”
231 Jordan Kistler
Expectations of Darkness: The “Blind Poet” P. B. Marston
85 Helen Luu
Freaks of Femininity: Webster’s Gallery of Female Grotesques in Portraits
63 Caolan Madden
“We Should Be That Iago”: Counterfactual Sympathy and the Lyric “We” in Augusta Webster’s Portraits and A Housewife’s Opinions
163 Adam Mazel
The Ends of Rhyme: Swinburne’s A Century of Roundels and Late-Victorian Rhyme Culture
5 Lee O’Brien
A “Strange Second Flowering” and the “Second Heart”: Reimagined Modes of Aestheticism and Romanticism in Augusta Webster’s Yu-Pe-Ya’s Lute
19 T. D. Olverson
The Limits of Liberty: Gender, Power, and Freedom in Augusta Webster’s In a Day
39 Annmarie Steffes
“A Sensation of the Action”: The Inscription of Performance in the Verse Dramas of Augusta Webster
105 Herbert F. Tucker
Fretted Lines: Di-versification in Augusta Webster’s Dramatic Monologues
211 Alicia Williams
The Search for a Good Cause in George Meredith’s Modern Love
309 Anna Williams
“The Dramatic Poet and the Unpoetic Multitudes”: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Allegorized Theatrical Commentary in Book IV of Aurora Leigh
251 R. H. Winnick
Clough’s Amours de voyage and Arsène Houssaye: An Epigraphic Mystery Solved
495 Heather Bozant Witcher
“A Royal Lady [Re]born”: Balladry, Transport, and Transgression in Michael Field’s The Tragic Mary

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